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Training Camp

“Training Camp.” Usually it means a place where athletes temporarily reside to focus on their sport. In actual terms it has nothing to do with camping… unless you’re Heroes ‘N Pirates. 81 more words

My Life

He Was My Hero

When we first met, neither of us were impressed.  I was used to small cute little pets.  He was a bit like a horse.  He was a mastiff, after all. 409 more words


My Back Yard

When the sun comes out after a gloomy winter, we go immediately to the back yard.  We have worked for a few years to make it just the spot to enjoy when that bright light makes its way to the great Northwest. 59 more words


Why My Dog Is Barking

One of my favorite things I see on Facebook these days are the “Why My Baby Is Crying” posts. If you haven’t seen these, it is basically baby/toddler shaming in the form of posting a picture of your tantrum throwing cherub on the floor because you won’t let them eat a stick of butter or wear your cowboy boot as a hat. 305 more words


Johnny and Judy's Lightning

For some reason Johnny seemed to want his picture taken with Judy’s new painting.  Maybe he wants to show off his new hair cut.  What you can’t see is his hairier half.  13 more words