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Kimberly and Oliver Thru-Hiking The Appalachian Trail Update

We just received a note from Kimberly Donoghue and her Irish Wolfhound mix, Oliver. Together, they have been thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail all summer. Kimberly took a moment while in Caratunk, ME to send us an update and her favorite memory so far. 502 more words


Swim at Dusk

The sky this evening was such a cool mix of yellow light and dark thunder clouds, both setting off the blue black of the water.  So after Mak and I swam the pond, I ran back for the camera.   21 more words


Hiding place

Molly loves to poke her head under furniture such as our coffee table, the living room chair and this bed. It’s almost like she was "hiding" but her tail-thumping gave her away when she saw me.

One of My Very Favorite Smells...

…is the fur and ears of my dog after he’s been snoozing near the campfire.  The scent of my baby combined with wood smoke!


You Barkin' At Me?

I have a ring tone on my mobile phone that I really like. It barks. Five barks (bark-bark-bark-bark-bark) for each ring. It is a real dog’s voice, not a person fake-barking in that annoying way that certain people feel compelled to do when they see a dog. 1,614 more words