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I don’t know if every cattle ranch has a menagerie of other critters too, but ours sure does. Of course we have our two guard dogs, Molly and Grizzly. 343 more words


New Places - The Nook, Sunbury

Although I had discovered the Emu Bottom Reserve in Sunbury, I had as yet to discover “The Nook.”
That was until Beth told me about it when I was talking to her about it. 167 more words


And You Wonder Why- Shithead Dog Owners

I tried to think of some other title for this posting, but somehow this seem to be the only thing that fit. I apologize if I have offended you, but I really think it is the best I can do. 902 more words


Changes are Afoot

It is time to wake up this blog.


Day Eighty Four

Today, today I found it hard to find the happiness. I don’t even know how to write this.

Little Rua, the tiniest canine member of the pack suffered what was most likely a stroke. 55 more words