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Cats are like that too, but...

There’s something about the devotion you feel from a dog that brings you a feeling of unmatched, unqualified, unquestioning love. When there’s nobody there for you just to be with, their inviting presence cannot be ignored. 80 more words

Mind Farts

Dog Drives A Motorcycle -Let Me Know When Your Cat Can

I’m not sure that a cat can have a case of cyanthropy but hell, a kitty would never make the U-turn. 


Postseason Preview: Lafayette vs. Boston U., Patriot League quarterfinal

The game: 9. Lafayette (11-19 overall, 6-12 Patriot) at 1. Boston University (22-9, 15-3)

In-league efficiency: Lafayette: -.04 (1.08 pts/poss, 1.12 allowed); BU: +.10 (1.08 pts/poss, .98 allowed) 686 more words


Dogs vs Cats - whoever wins, we wall win!

by: Bryanna Adderman

I decided to do my review on dogs vs cats. My opinion is that I think that dogs are much better, because they have never really gave me a reason to not like them and I like to cuddle and my dogs are always cuddling with me and I don’t have a problem with cats or anything but my cat isn’t the  nicest. 328 more words



Lilly:  I’m on the sofa with you Lucy.  Whatcha gonna do about it?

Lucy:  I shouldn’t have to put up with this kind of torment!

Day 41: Training and More

Above is Riley, resting and sleeping after some training while I do some on-call work for my company.  Her is a quick update, can’t be too long because Domino, the black cat is lurking in the kitchen, which means there is nothing, other than Riley being tired, stopping her from chasing Domino.   331 more words

Dogs On Deployment