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Star was left to die in a box, what happens next is breathtaking - Three Million Dogs

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Cinnamon, The Car Ride, The Blow-Up Snowman, & The Fantastic Christmas Lights

Tonight, my mom, my sister, and I drove out to Brea to see lots of Christmas lights. There is this street on Birch that has some of the most fantastic Christmas lights I’ve ever seen and it’s only about 30 minutes from our house.   711 more words


The Best Personal Trainer Ever

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December 19th, 2014

Not funny Mom, I haven’t done my hair yet!

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...for Tim the dog

He is a very nice dog who hangs in the office!


Episode 12: “SA: Tachikoma Runs Away; The Movie Director’s Dream -- ESCAPE FROM”

In the last episode, we explored minds lost to online addiction. In “Escape From,” there is further investigation of the human element in the man/machine interface. 1,554 more words

Ghost In The Shell