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Oh ZuZu

Sometimes ZuZu chews up things around the house but I feel I can’t truly punish her because I left them laying around. So I just say “Oh ZuZu.” I once accidentally left a bag of groceries on the floor while I ran outside to grab more groceries and when I came back she had eaten half a ham and ripped open a bag of buns. 489 more words


Caring for Golden Retrievers

Senior medical director of Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Education, Craig Gelband has more than a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. A dedicated member of the community, Craig Gelband volunteers at various organizations and is active in rescuing dogs, specifically Golden Retrievers. 155 more words

Craig Gelband


One dog, two dog, brown dog, white dog.  Doing a bit of paraphrasing from the Dr. Seuss book – One fish two fish red fish blue Fish.  116 more words


Dog handling - a vital and difficult part of search dog training

One of the biggest challenges, I’ve found, in search dog training is becoming a dog handler. I’ve been blessed with a smart dog who is willing to learn, and I’ve been an enthusiastic learner, but I think its been harder for me than for my dog! 899 more words


Video Tutorials

This was a fun assignment.  I am really looking forward to the final video!  Working on taking shots and videos this weekend of puppies, training and bite work!

Dog Information

The Spring Season is A Reason to Get a Puppy

Spring has arrived. The birds chirp entire songs instead of belting out a few morose bars. Brooks gurgle as do the gutters. I don’t wake up and shout obscenities at the world. 565 more words

Itchy Skin Soothing Blend

Anytime my dogs hit that point of needing a bath or haircut and I cuddle with them, my skin always breaks out into itchy hives!  It’s so annoying!!!!   184 more words