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Time out

I did the unthinkable yesterday… I downed tools and took the evening off. Well, half the afternoon and the evening to be exact. What did I do with such unaccustomed luxury, you may ask? 492 more words


Why You Should Fix your Dog

Spaying or neutering your pet may come as a tough decision, but it can do a lot for your dog and the larger dog population. The Humane Society says there are between 6-8 million homeless animals entering U.S.shelters each year. 379 more words

Cinnamon vs. the New Dog Jacket

A few days ago, I found a brown soft jacket sitting on my couch. At first, I thought it was a jacket for a little girl or something cus it was small, but it wasn’t. 611 more words


Please don't tell me that dogs can't talk!

This video is a proof that dogs can talk, or at least they can try to talk :)

This dog is simply trying to have a conversation. 47 more words


Day 24: Unconditional Love

Hey all, this post is going to be another quick one but I think it’s definitely one of the most important.  For today, I am giving thanks for pets in general and more specifically, my dogs. 142 more words