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Sundays On White

I used to hate Sundays when I was at college. They were basically the day I would leave all my work till and then I would have to just rot at my desk whilst writing hundreds of essays about the Russian Revolution or how I would stage ‘The Seagull’. 559 more words



Decided to go to a rave.

rave must of been cancelled… I appeared to be the only one here.

Such a shame. Disappointing.

stop, reset.

I’ve been trying something new-ish with Loki and his dogwalk. I think it’s good. It’s a good concept. I’ll talk about it more if it works. 356 more words


How Surprising Vibrant!

Autumn… How surprisingly vibrant it is.

I’m a big lover of walking. However, as the cold, dark November starts closing in, walking gradually becomes less and less appealing. 194 more words


Freshly bathed and ready for his walk!

Photographic Memories

Bleh rain

Today it rained.
I hate rain.

makes me all wet and cold and humanbecca attacks me with a towel when I get home which i also don’t like… 108 more words