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When things seem so long ago

Trying to clear some of my pics..some 17 thousand or so…arghhhh
I came across some shots from an old Olympus camera not the best shots but they show the things I used to see and now it seems like an eternity ago…when it is not yet three years…time and life march on..we miss some things..but then we embrace some new things..i may not have the Dogwoods..or the Rhododenorons any more or the gazebo where the King Parrots used to visit..but that was then and this is now…and who knows what tomorrow brings :)


Big Trees State Park, California

Here are a few pictures I took while visiting Big Trees State Park, California. To get there, follow Highway 4 toward the Sierra. The park has a new visitor center and a pleasant trail through the giant sequoias. 62 more words