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Thomas and I just finished eating dinner. By that, I mean, as usual, Thomas is done eating and has started washing the dishes while I finish up eating the last quarter of my meal. 300 more words

Dirty Dishes Part 3: Washing the Dishes and Finishing the Kitchen

Okay. If you haven’t read Dirty Dishes Part 2, start there.

STEP SIX: Wash those dishes!

So, at this point, you should have your dishes all stacked next to the sink, and your flatware soaking in your dishpan/sink in hot soapy water. 898 more words

Newfangled Laundry Woes!

Growing up, my brother and I once played a colossal game of Clue. By colossal, I mean our characters spent about five hours trying to figure out where poor Mr. 902 more words

Faith Family Football

Food in Fiction, Food in Fact

I’ve been spending many happy hours rereading Jan Karon’s Mitford books.  I fell in love with this series when they were first published.  Book One, … 767 more words

Books And The Literary Life

Superheroes doing chores

Maybe it was my subconscious trying to come up with ideas of other annoying chores that can’t be avoided to keep me entertained while I was stuck on hold to figure out why I got a bill- or maybe it was just because I was thinking of chores that I needed to do- but either way, I doodled these two superheroes doing mundane tasks that are a chore!