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"Breaking the Chains"...of entertainment contract law!

You know how they say you have to choose between being an artist and having a “normal” career? That the only people who succeed in creative endeavors are the ones who have no Plan B? 126 more words

Glamour Rockin' Podcast July 2014

Glam Rock fans are the finest, most unparalled Rock N Roll connoisseurs in the world bar-none. You know real kick-ass in your face slam bang electric hard metal heavy voltage music RIGHT NOW~ This is your rockin’ DJ Steph with another high-powered episode of the Glamour Rockin’ Podcast that will leave you speechless.  112 more words

Glam Rock

Haiku - The "Burning Like A Flame" Run

Fire like summer heat

Humid and hot sticky air

A tough one tonight


Hard running in late June.  I wanted to dedicate this song to anyone out there running in the heat.   25 more words


Third Pandora Poem

I wanna rock

Rock you like a hurricane

Lightning strikes again

Coming home

80s Music Day