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just call me, Bubbles, baby

Into the city for a Saturday sleep over with Petite Fille while her Mummy and Daddy dined at a French restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary. 274 more words


Christmas in July


All three adult children home for Sunday lunch, and our perfectly perfect granddaughter, Petite Fille. I cooked all Daughter2′s favourite foods as she won’t be home for Christmas, and Daughter1 made a delicious apple pie, which we ate with some Christmas fruit cake that had been hiding in the freezer. 174 more words


Dry those tears, she hath returned!

One would think that as Flamingo Dancer, the one and only, that any grandchild of mine would have little doves fly down and take their poop to heaven. 431 more words


it is all very subjective, really


Feeling a little bit not me, today. I am not sure who I am, perhaps you, which wold explain everything… or not.

The phone rang twice today – incredible need to rise to niceness. 329 more words


and The Big Whatever strikes a foul blow



Too much raucous holiday enjoyment for you, The Big Whatever? Had to strike me down with a headache, didn’t you? Hardly playing fair.

Tomorrow is another day.


And on the fourth day...


To the City. Had to brush hair. No brass band.

Seafood chowder. Ate medium sized bowl for lunch and BIG BOWL for dinner. Replete with seafood chowder. 32 more words


I, i , me,


I have just arrived at the realisation that I am perhaps the only person in the world who  is totally glamorous sitting in bed wearing flannelette pyjamas topped by a head of extreme bed hair. 411 more words