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going someplace nice, without going anywhere in particular

What a gift it is to have a friend of many years standing. To be gifted with two such friends is entirely priceless! Lunch time found me at a local restaurant with two of my Ladies who Lunch. 326 more words


the black trunk and the story it held within

Mr FD and I drove to the city to attend the theatre. Daughter2 had given us tickets to the Lion King which opened recently in Brisbane. 394 more words


home appeal

I have pried the play dough from beneath my fingernails. breathed deeply of the fresh country air and reclaimed ownership of my side of the bed. 319 more words


How to Be an Explorer of The World

Nós não somos fúteis… também lemos livros :). E imensos. Aliás, como dizia Simone de Bouvoire “Só as pessoas fúteis acham que ser fútil é uma futilidade”. 178 more words


A bad Gran and a mischievous Aunt do their worst

This city life is full of variety, but rather exhausting, I must admit.

Friday, we went shopping and as expected Petite Fille gained a musical bus with animals that popped up, a book about… 369 more words


dogs, foibles and the human condition

The sun is shinning, the birds are chirping, Mr FD is still away…

The only downside of Mr FD’s absence has been Augie Dog.  Mr FD usually sees to Augie’s nightie toilet issues, but when he is away it falls to me. 338 more words