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Hanging Over

Work has been crazy. And you know I love crazy more than I like normal. You know the kind of crazy that keeps you a step ahead of being on your toes; where you have no time to do anything else but feel crazed in the crazy bubble. 602 more words


If you had ten copies of yourself, today, what would you have them do?

Can you imagine what the world would be like graced by ten copies of me – and the original me, making a total of eleven Flamingo Dancers. 691 more words

Coming Of Age In My Fifties

one cup or two; or how never to trust your sister

All my life, I have been of the opinion that my older sister is a far better person than I. Slowly, I am coming to the realisation that she has a degree of evilosity far higher than I ever suspected. 529 more words


The benefits of a staycation

Nothing like a Pimms in the early afternoon. Imbibing a drink (or two) at home, means that when the inevitable drowsiness that always follows when I drink alcohol, I can toddle off for a little nap in my favourite place in the whole world – my bed. 756 more words


Cultivating and actually applying Dolce far Niente in my sorta routinely life.

When my two cats Michael and Jesus are busy shrieking and getting crazy all over the house and at first I really did not know what’s going on until I finally found the headless baby water snake right in front of the kitchen door.   525 more words

family and a portmanteau, hopefully without ado!

A little bit excited this morning, for today, we are doing Christmas, Take 2. Daughter2 and Her Beau have arrived and later we will be joined by my sister, her daughter and husband, and their four children (the youngest being that little 825gram baby girl born in June who has since been pronounced “perfect in every way” by her doctors), as well as Daughter1 and family (yes Petite Fille is returning!), Son and Mr FD’s sister. 270 more words