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The detail on these Japanese dollhouses is amazing!

While dollhouses have been popular in Europe for centuries, they didn’t really develop a strong showing in Japan until the 1970s. However, since they’ve gained a foothold in Japanese society, they’ve gained popularity and a number of domestic craftsmen have appeared. 408 more words


A modern bed with built-in side tables

There’s been a huge, unexpected benefit to installing wallpaper that I’m feeling lukewarm about. Before installing the wallpaper, I felt like I was pretty much done with the bedroom decor. 565 more words


International Book Giving Day

Did you know?

February 14th is International Book Giving Day…yup, it is and I think it’s great.

Here’s the gist of it, International Book Giving Day is an international program aimed at encouraging children to read by giving them their own book. 336 more words

Progress on my mini house, as of today

I thought I’d share a few pictures of how the house looks right now. As a reminder, this is how it looked when I received it this summer: 122 more words


The master bedroom has been wallpapered!

After recently debating between a bunch of different wallpaper choices (using scrapbook paper, not actual wallpaper) here, the master bedroom has been wallpapered! I ended up choosing something completely different from the samples I showed you a couple of weeks ago. 121 more words


Miniblinds that are mini blinds!

Inspired by woven bamboo shades like these and these, I decided to make my own for my mini house. When I saw these inexpensive coasters at Bed Bath and Beyond I knew I’d found my perfect materials. 136 more words