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Exterior painting in progress!

A decision has been made. After much hemming and hawing, I’ve chosen this shade of deep teal and given my house its first coat of paint. 462 more words


Souvenir ornament repurposed into a light fixture

This trinket that someone purchased in Jamaica is going to make a fabulous light fixture! Here is the “before” version of it:

It was filled with blue sand, little shells, a tiny starfish, and a little pail. 229 more words


Flashback Friday

A few years ago I made this dollhouse sized rug and basket for my nieces and their dollhouse. They are hand crocheted with cotton thread and colored with fabric markers.

Arts And Crafts

Mini house demo time

The tiny sledgehammers have been unleashed. I’ve been tearing out wallpaper, removing tiles, and prying away miniature baseboards. Here’s an in-progress view of the work zone. 112 more words


Bottle cap turned modern planter or end table

This real wooden cap from a bottle of men’s cologne from the 1970’s or 80’s is going to make a great planter or end table. Flipped one way it has a spot for a plant. 95 more words


Groovy pom-pom love sign

Here is an in-progress project:

This groovy little pom-pom sign will be a great addition to my mid century house! The tiny pom-poms and backing are available at most crafts stores. 100 more words