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New Handmade Outfit Made To Fit SMDW Dolls

This outfit was made to fit vintage SMDW figures.

Outfit Style 6

The jacket is lined. It has three snaps sewn in the front. The shirt has three snaps and three buttons sewn on for decoration. 11 more words


... so I have nothing to lose!

Any time I’m faced with a stumbling block I try to turn it on its head and see it from the opposite viewpoint. If I have indeed created my finest work then any new work I create can be totally experimental. 80 more words


Handmade Red Circles Doll Clothes For Skipper and Stacie

These first two items were made to fit Skipper dolls.

Dress Style 4

This dress has a lined bodice and ribbon straps. There is a ribbon flower sewn on the edge of the bodice and the skirt and the skirt has lace trim sewn along the bottom hem. 113 more words


Visuele testen.

De volledige schetsboekpagina, enkele personagetesten met acryl voor de nieuwe korte strip ‘Gekliefd’.

Els Peeters

A resin round up!

Because I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve not had the time to do basically ANYTHING online, I thought I’d do a quick round up of the new releases that have caught my eye of late :D Prepare yourselves for a few posts now, cos I’ve got a load of things to talk about, but I’m being good and separating it out into vague subjects *nod* 247 more words


Tutorial: Cube Animal Plush

Hello everybody!

I am SO SORRY that I haven’t posted in such a long time.  My internet has been down for a while, and I have just been really busy, but I am so happy to be blogging again for you. 753 more words


"An Encounter with Fake Elsa!!" Doll Review

Say Hi Cheapo Elsa!

I know, One should not buy a Fake merchandise but…

She is AWESOME!!! This Elsa knock-off is a drop-dead cheap one to boot. 137 more words