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Parents OUTRAGED That Baby Boy Doll Has A Penis

Because this is Puritanical America, a disturbing slab of nothingness is preferred over any semblance of human anatomy on dolls.

The “You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Doll” is a great example of just how far some breeders will go to shield their children from shames of the human body. 274 more words


a day in the life of a toy

ohrfeus via flickr 

“C’mon guys.” Jack whispered. Jumping out of his box and off the low shelf. He turned to face the other toys.

“Lets go! 1,229 more words


A Lottie to Love

My three year old is getting into the age of Barbies. I have a set of beautiful handmade Barbie furniture that my Granny made for me and with it I found two of my old Barbie dolls. 177 more words



I recently saw a BJD confession complaining about how the forums were full of Fairyland topics because of the summer event.  But, I am way ahead of all those people because I’ve been talking about FL… 305 more words


Dolls with the Thorazine Stare

Porcelain dolls & vintage plastic dolls typically differ in expression. Plastic dolls (meant to be played with…) often smile. Porcelain dolls usually eschew smiling in favor of what I call the “Thorazine Stare.” 16 more words

Thriftstore Weirdness

DYI Dollhouse

This is an amazing (and easy, no sew) project for anyone who is looking to make a dollhouse for a little girl. It is easy and can be very versatile. 59 more words

Mother Hen