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We planned all the shots and sounds we wanted and made a list of equipment to achieve this. A day before shooting the outside location we visited it to see if we could get the sort of shots we wanted. 169 more words

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Reservoir Dogs - Evaluation

So after it all came together it was time to analyse everyone’s final piece, and we started by talking about the filming. Well, this really didn’t go down too well due to the problems I’ve already discussed in my precious posts and more, believe it or not! 695 more words

Preliminary Tasks

Hello Miss Dolly Moon

Hello again lovely ones.

I’m back after another one of my unannounced departures from Moonstone Mountain. University and life in general took over  a little bit, but I am back and hoping to be a bit more active on here again. 231 more words

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Reservoir Dogs - Filming

Our next job was to film the opening scene and this probably turned out a lot more difficult then it had to be. Our group struggled to get going and this was a big… 302 more words

Preliminary Tasks

Here's Dolly

A rare moment that Dolly isn’t in a tight hood so I had to take this picture while she was cleaning up Psi’s.

SL Diary

Reservoir Dogs Opening- Filming

After planning what we wanted to create in comparison to the true opening scene of Reservoir Dogs. We all went away and tried to get the props and costume we needed for the filming process and there were some successes and failures within our filming process which I will go into in further detail. 242 more words

Preliminary Tasks