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I Labneh Arabic Cuisine.

Marhaban and welcome to Dubai! The food in the UAE is unbelievably delicious. Everywhere I go, I am surrounded by all of my favorite things: lamb, hoummos, stuffed grape leaves, halloumi, grilled fish, olives, and pita. 355 more words

Meals With Friends

Day 47: A Day Worth Celebrating!

With only three days left in Yerevan, perhaps it would be more appropriate to post about what I’ve learned throughout this experience or what I’ll miss most about Armenia, but all of that can wait. 438 more words

Iacocca Internship In Yerevan

Cevizli Lahana Sarması: Vegetarian cabbage rolls with walnuts

The Turkish verb “sarmak” means “to wrap”, whereas “dolmak” means “to be filled/stuffed”: from these roots come the words sarma and dolma.

Most commonly, the sarma or dolma which have meat fillings are eaten while hot, while the ones without meat are served cold. 587 more words


Food in Azerbaijan: My Favorite Things

I kept a journal while I was in Azerbaijan as a Peace Corps volunteer ESL teacher. We didn’t have internet unless we went to an internet café, so I just spent a lot of time writing. 911 more words


Stuffed grape leaves

I have a Greek first name. Because of this, occasionally someone I’ve just met will ask me if I’m Greek. It always catches me off-guard, and I never have a witty response or a graceful way out of the conversation. 923 more words