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Concerned About Japanese Dolphins?

The cries of outrage from much of the world about Japan’s recent dolphin slaughter offers insight into two key aspects of our modern world. The first is that we are increasingly a planet of animal lovers — people who rightly abhor the type of violence and bloodshed being perpetrated against these intelligent animals off the shores of Japan. 34 more words

Dolphins Deserve Life

Dolphins Deserve Life!

As millions around the world were all loved up on “Valentine’s Day” hundreds of people were fighting for a much more important cause, February 14th was of course “World Love For Dolphins Day” which is a day when the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians demonstrate the love felt around the world for the dolphins they slaughter every year. 1,018 more words

Animal Cruelty

It's Still Not Over

So the annual dolphin slaughter is coming to an end with many dolphins being killed or sold to aquariums across the world. One of the most well known dolphin is among the captive, Angle the rare albino dolphin who witness her mother and the rest of her pod killed, is still swimming in a dirty concert tank. 89 more words


Why The Taiji Drive Hunt Is A Big Deal

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No matter what way you look at it, the death of a single dolphin is sad. The best we can hope for is that if a dolphin has to die it’s to save it from misery. 567 more words

Effects Of Captivity