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day 7: accept your place, boi

This lesson deals with something probably everybody does if he submits but is not well trained. And it is probably the most natural thing to do since we all have to function in real life, manage our daily life, deal with challenges in job and family or friends. 450 more words


The Strippers Secret part 2

Now that you’ve read about my life so far, what do you think? That’s too fucking bad cause there are many more tales about money, power and let us not forget about sex. 5,414 more words


day 5: submissive obedience

This is an interesting topic: what makes a submissive and how to express obedience. And, while looking for some input i found the quotes about the dog training. 699 more words


"Dom-2" , il reality più longevo del mondo

E’ iniziato nel 2004, quando venne trasmesso per la prima volta il primo episodio e non si è mai fermato.  Si tratta di “Dom-2″, letteralmente “Casa 2″, che per alcuni aspetti è molto simile al gioco virtuale di “The Sims”. 308 more words