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Bosoms, Bubbles, and Bollinger: What Shape Is Your Champagne Glass?

34, a swanky restaurant in the heart of London’s Mayfair district, commissioned British sculptor Jane McAdam Freud (daughter of the celebrated late painter Lucien Freud) to design a Champagne coupe molded from the left breast of supermodel Kate Moss, to celebrate her 40th birthday and her 25 years in the fashion industry. 2,570 more words


Denny's Is Selling A $300 Breakfast Because Everyone Wants Champagne In The Morning

Not all Denny’s locations are created equal. That’s especially true of the chain’s new New York City Financial District location that’s selling a $300 breakfast complete with a bottle of bubbly. 115 more words

Dom Perignon among $5M in goods allegedly stolen by Yellowbird suspects

Watch above: (Aug. 28) Police announce the seizure of $2.3 million in high-end cars in international car theft bust

TORONTO – Police displayed some of the $5 million in stolen items they allege a sophisticated group of nine people stole from affluent areas around Toronto. 320 more words




Legend has it that the French monk Dom Pierre Perignon invented Champagne. He was having difficulty making still wine – bubbles kept appearing. 99 more words

Champagne bottle sizes and the glasses they hold

Last week being at a business dinner and sipping on champagne, I overheard a few women discussing among themselves that even though champagne is their drink of choice they usually reach out for a glass of white wine whenever they’re drinking alone. 780 more words


Monday Bacon: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich: $99.00

There used to be a restaurant near my stomping grounds that opened up when I was in my early 20’s. It was called Kixx on the River and was on the banks of the Mississippi in Brooklyn Park. 898 more words

1998 dom pérignon oenothèque @ mallorca

RJ ON DP Dom Pérignon – the name alone makes most of us break out in a delightful smile. When we think of this 17th-century monk from Hautvillers – so often pointed out as the father of Champagne – we either regard him with historical reverence, or associate his name with the proudest of all wine labels and everything else that follows in its glamorous, sparkling wake. 225 more words

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