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I can tell you a thousand times I’m a model. I can steal pics from the internet, name drop, mention places I’ve been all over the map and perhaps fool a large percentage of you. 297 more words



People say you have great potential. They say you can do great things, if you only choose to. They say you are more intelligent and smarter than a lot of people they know, like if you’re intelligent and smart it makes you a good person, or a better one (NOT). 746 more words


Najlepsze mieszkanie

Aby stworzyć ciekawe domowe wnętrze, potrzebujemy dobrej jakości, interesujących mebli, które pomogą nam zorganizować funkcjonalne pomieszczenia w dobrym stylu. Przy wyborze mebli trzeba się dobrze zastanowić, aby ich zakup okazał się dobrą i najlepiej długotrwałą inwestycją. 51 more words

What a Hero...

People have different ways to deal with their problems, and to deal with mine. I keep saying that to myself the last few days, just not to take personally what happens around me (for some it’s a little hard not to take personally, but I got over it and moved on…). 70 more words


A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG.

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D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG and CSS. 32 more words


It ended.

D is no longer a character. He was too clingy, too needy. He couldn’t grasp the concept of what this was, he wanted more.
M, still around. 79 more words

When do we use a DOM parser and when do we use a SAX parser?

DOM: Document Object Modal
SAX: Simple API for XML

The answer to above question is,

the DOM Approach is useful for small documents in which the program needs to process a large portion of the document whereas the SAX approach is useful for large documents in which the program only needs to process a small portion of the document.