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Effe tussendoor...

Het enige wat van belang is, is het onmiddellijke.  Dat is het enige wat is. Het is zeldzaam dat je zoiets uit jezelf vindt, behalve als je heel intelligent bent, want als je heel intelligent bent, zie je het… 683 more words

A new day...a new year

Today is Sir’s birthday!  Yayy!  I’m so excited.  We have now celebrated 2 birthdays together.  I never saw this happening.

Due to situations beyond my control, I am unable to spend the day with him, but I think I gave him a very good present.  53 more words


15 septembrie - O zi magica

A inceput ziua, este dimineata. Ma trezesc mai bine si imi dau seama: astazi este 15 septembrie!

Dino-fluturii s-au intors! Ma si gandeam cate lucruri sunt noi: scoala, materiile si trezitul devreme in fiecare zi. 152 more words



He’d promised a surprise
As he tied her to the frame
Something she had hinted
Wanted added to their game

She had tried to guess the answer… 294 more words

Erotic Poetry

:: Tasks | 15 minutes

Another task i was given was to take 15 minutes out of every day to do something for myself.  i quickly chimed “is this where you tell me to go to the gym and lose a few pounds.”  THAT was the wrong thing to say.  503 more words

Therapy Spanking

My relationship with Aspen has been fraying for a while now. Some days we hardly get along, often culminating at slammed doors and forced confrontations, many things I thought I left behind when I left my abusive ex. 361 more words


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Jak nadać nowy plan staremu ogrodowi??

Oświetlenie zewnętrzne dodaje urody i bezpieczeństwa dla domu. Dobrze zaprojektowane oświetlenie planu może znacząco zmienić krajobraz nowego domu.

Jasne idee

Niskiego napięcia Systemy Oświetlenia LED… 216 more words

Oświetlenie Led