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"I am your pillar and rock in all avenues" is what you told me.

You said “I am your pillar and rock in all avenues, and part of that is my ensuring you stay strong.”

That is the only reason my last post is still in my drafts. 55 more words

15 polica za knjige

Hey, hey :)

Nadam se da ste svi uživali u vikendu! Ja sam ovo lijepo vrijeme iskoristila za završne radove u dvorištu i odlazak sa prijateljima u bioskop. 61 more words


Phone back on silent...

I tried to write happy blogs but I don’t write blogs with the intent to be fake or to talk about frivolities.
I come here to talk about how I’m feeling and today I’m wholly dissatisfied with daddy. 727 more words

Dom - Trilye


Domek w górskiej miejscowości Trilye (Turcja, brzeg morza Marmara)

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My daddy has gone missing.

For the last 72-96 hours daddy has not been my daddy.

He’s been a father.

He’s been a partner.

He’s been a colleague

He’s been a trainer. 105 more words


That gut feeling.

I’ve been feeling a little queasy all day.

But it’s not like needing to go to the toilet or feeling sick. It’s a feeling that something is wrong. 28 more words