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Warning: Mush Incoming

What I Love:

Falling asleep in someone’s arms
Sanctuary being a five minute car ride away
Cooking for someone again
The nook
Movie nights
Toleration of trash TV when he knows I’m addicted… 103 more words

Tell All? Don't Think So

I’ve written about the state of my mental health a couple times. I take three medicines to soothe my aching brain from the turmoil I would go through without those medicines. 327 more words


31 July 3:52pm

Ok ill give Baron yesterday. Being at the hospital was absolutely exhausting just as a visitor, we both arrived home worse for wear. Barons sister had surgery to clean out her abdominal cavity after her tear from the gastric sleeve was discovered. 703 more words

Playing with Master.

I love play time. It’s what I behave all day for; the thing that proves that all hard work really does pay off. And, when I am already tired, it wakes me up instantly! 446 more words

Code journal - 5/25/14

Continuing work on working thru HTML5Canvas book to get better w/javascript and html5canvas

window.addEventListener(“keyup”, eventKeyPressed,true);

-addEventListener registers the specified listener on the object it is called on. 194 more words

Code Journal

Not good enough, Alt-Fest...

So Alt-Fest is definitely cancelled, then.  I think we knew that already, thanks to Simon Hall releasing the news when he got it.  The team behind the festival should have got the word out first with emails or phone calls to ALL the bands, out of respect for the selfsame bands and the people who bought tickets and raised money through the pledge thing they ran.   204 more words

Attention span of a gold fish.

I have this problem that stops me from thinking properly. Master was talking to me and I zoned out. He got mad because I couldn’t tell him what he had said to me. 62 more words