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Of packaging!

Prompt ~

Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

Just tea for two
And two for tea
Just me for you
And you for me…

Dom crooned to himself. 127 more words

Weekly Challenge

Preparing to make Master happy. (23/07/2014)

Master told me to go and make the bed. I did this as I usually do. I made it look comforting and pretty as I do every morning. 218 more words

To be owned is to be loved. (22/07/2014)

I disagree with the M/S relationships where the female slaves moan that their Master is inconsiderate. In any serious BDSM relationship of any kind, both parties wellbeing should be equally put first. 312 more words

Parse xml file using Python

from xml.dom import minidom

data = minidom.parse(“/path/to/xmlfile”)

#I need to get the “error” tags
errorlist = data.getElementsByTagName(“error”) 
error_types = []

for error in errorlist:
  if error.attributes['id'].value not in error_types: 317 more words

General Learning

Play time (21/07/2014)

I was a good slave today, and I was greatly rewarded. After my TV show ended, Master requested that I knelt down in front of him. 987 more words