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We’re officially ready to roll! Let’s get hopping! :)

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Starting an online business

Today businesses go online so as to build their online presence. Every 9 out of 10 business have their online presence. The online business is doubling in every 5 years time. 451 more words

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Domain Theory and Semantics: II

Continuing where we left off last time, let’s actually do some maths and build up more of the machinery of domain theory.

We’ve already introduced the concept of CPOs and given an example in the set of natural numbers with a least element, , attached and where the partial order is that all numbers are greater than and all numbers are incomparable to each other. 918 more words


Anyone noticed my new menu?:) I’ll be launching a new business soon – Host-Bunny Web Services.  We’ll be providing affordable domains and hosting, amongst other things. 36 more words

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Reviewing Domain Theory and Semantics

Alright, so because a couple of the projects I’m interested in right now involve a decent amount of domain theory, I need to brush up on the topic a bit. 962 more words