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Why Nothing Good Happens to Black Women in Elevators

So after a rambling on-air deconstruction of the woman’s role in the Ray Rice domestic violence case and suspension, ESPN “First Take” commentator Stephen A. Smith has been suspended himself… 491 more words

Ladies Room

Sex&Privilege: Avery

TW: Rape, childhood sexual abuse, trauma, kink

Avery identifies as a genderqueer woman and prefers the pronouns they/their. They are pansexual, from a lower economic class, are a rape, domestic abuse and child sexual abuse survivor, and they have a history of mental illness. 788 more words


ESPN suspends Smith for comments on abuse

NEW YORK (AP) — ESPN has suspended outspoken sportscaster Stephen A. Smith for a week because of his comments about domestic abuse suggesting women should make sure that they don’t do anything to provoke an attack. 364 more words


musings on moving on

so can these shoes take me to
who I was before
I was stabbing my sticks into
a vulnerable earth
and I can almost out run you… 402 more words

Are relationships equal? Do we want them to be? Does Whoopi Goldberg?

I watched this clip earlier from an American show called “The View” (by my summation from this 2 minute clip a much angstier version of “Loose Women”) wherein Whoop Goldberg calls for men all the world over to lay the smack down on women that dare raise a dolled fist against them. 999 more words

Why Was This Abuse Victim Imprisoned Until Accuser’s Trial?

The district attorney has pulled a trick out of his sleeve to make sure an abuse victim testifies against her abuser; the district attorney put the victim in jail until the trial begins unless she can post $25,000 bail. 330 more words