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Should People Ever Be Fired For Their Political Views?

In these benighted United States, one of the more consequential stories of the past year was the resignation of Brendan Eich from his role as CEO of Mozilla Corporation after a heated protest movement had begun against him. 1,233 more words

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The Role of This Blog

Well, the time has come. I’ve reached the big 25 and currently finishing the two year mandatory requirement for admissions to Business School of working full time in a business administrative setting. 202 more words


Islam Does Not Accept Domestic Abuse

To those who tell you to be silent and have ‘patience’ about abuse, know that the Prophet (pbuh) said:”Help your brother if he is an oppressor or oppressed.” A man said, “Messenger of Allah, I can help him if he is oppressed but tell me how I can help him if he is the oppressor?” He said, “Prevent him from oppressing. 6 more words


No Country for Young Men

I’d like to draw your attention to several articles and blog posts (most of them somewhat old but still entirely relevant) that discuss what many have termed the “post-employment economy.” This refers to the more or less permanently disfigured American economy that has emerged from the global financial crisis—a place of long-term unemployment, despair, withering job opportunities, and ruthless exploitation in the form of unpaid work and part-time slavery. 536 more words

Western Decline

Why We Should Still Be Excited About Biotechnology

The typical romantic relationship passes through several stages. First there’s the infatuation—the euphoria, the lionization of the love interest, the sense that the object of one’s affection is perfect. 979 more words

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