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Lavrov Uninterested in West's Opinion on Crimea, Other Domestic Issues

Russian FM said he is not interested in Western opinion of the present status of Crimea as well as other domestic issues within the country. 223 more words

Big Money in Politics- The Virus That Has Corrupted The United States Government Since the 1970's and How to Solve The Problem

No matter who you talk to, Democrat, Republican or Independent, everyone strongly dislikes Congress. Congress’s approval ratings as of now is at a dismal 14%. One of the major reason Congress has horrible approval ratings is because everyone from all political spectrum knows that most of the politicians and bureaucrats have been corrupted by money. 1,165 more words

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Should You Give To The Homeless?

Over at PJ Media, I consider the moral dilemma of giving to homeless people, in particular the inconsistency of alms-giving and the way we fool ourselves into thinking we’re better people than we actually are: 91 more words

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