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But at least I am not a blender.

“What the?”

That’s all I could say.

My friend had just told me that her flatmate of two-months had already moved out in order to live with her boyfriend, whom she had been seeing for…wait for it… 697 more words

Being Single

Give me a home among the gum trees

I may not be much of a gardener or any of one, but I do appreciate our garden (and the hard work Hewhofishes puts into it). 430 more words

Real Life

My Quest to be a domestic Goddess!

I am the REAL Housewife of Melroseplace!  That is to say my last name is Melrose and I sometimes pretend to do some of the things that a housewife does.   333 more words

Domestic Bliss

if you can clean an oven, you can clean me

You know it’s been a while since you’ve blogged when wordpress has disappeared from chrome’s most used sites.

Yes, yes I have been missing in action. 299 more words

Real Life

Domestic Bliss

I’m here to tell you that I braved the great outdoors to drive to Burwood last week in what can only be described as violent, umbrella thwarting winds.   483 more words


Random Access Memory

I’ve been wondering why I’m chasing my tail around the various tasks I need to do.

Everywhere I look, there’s a pile of ‘stuff’ that doesn’t have a home. 482 more words

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