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November 23, 2014

My wife actually likes my puns. Or so she claims when in my presence.


Where have all the teaspoons gone?

I get asked this at least once a week. Usually in a high octane voice accompanied by outstretched arms brandishing cupped hands to emphasise the gravity of the situation. 548 more words

Codified Language

All Settled In

We have been in our new home for about a month now. Everything is unpacked, put away and last bit of work to the house has been finished. 135 more words

Domestic Bliss

Keys to the door

The new house is smaller and cheaper than my London abode, but with a real sense of coziness and homeliness.  Travelling down yesterday morning on the bit of the M25 that had not collapsed (although the return journey threw me right into the middle of it) I received news on the way that the sale had been completed, picked up the keys and then went to the house, meeting workmen there to deal with locks and shelving.  279 more words



It has been a busy, no, hectic week.  Things in my house are gradually finding their ways into cardboard boxes, items retrieved from the backs of cupboards bringing their ghosts out with them.  460 more words


Strike up the band

We have a song for everything.

Some of them are original compositions; others are reworkings of popular tunes with new lyrics. But they all rhyme, often at the expense of meaning. 88 more words

Domestic Bliss

With compliments.

I put time and effort into looking nice for you…


Make sure you notice.

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