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Final stretch

My cat’s agent has been in touch to point out that yesterday’s cat/computer image combo was misrepresentative of my personal feline, so, at the risk of breaking the internet under the weight of yet another picture of a cat, here he is taking a break from trying to get into my bank account, and instead guarding some of my CDs. 567 more words


fly swatting...

While engrossed in domestic chores today, I began to wonder about the seeming abundance of dead flies that needed sucking up the head of the vacuum cleaner. 157 more words

Hubby's Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes

I never married a foodie. In fact, I never thought I would ever be a foodie but circumstances and people change. So here we are: two foodies. 504 more words

Home Cooking

That time of year

My thanks to everybody who has sent good wishes for the house purchase.  As all the important forms are currently in the post it means that I have some time free from finding, scanning and filling out (in?) documents, so I can get some music written and also update this blog.  389 more words


And on we go...

The times, they are a-changing, gravelled Bob Dylan all those years ago, and it remains true as the times they go a-rolling by.  I spent a rather large proportion of the time on Friday stuck in traffic on various of our nation’s choked motorways as I drove up to Yorkshire (beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!) to play for a concert given by Cantores Salicium and conducted by my colleague and friend Lindy Williams.  423 more words


Busy times

These are busy times, so much so that any spare moments I can grab tend to be spent writing rather than writing about writing.  There have been so many things going on off-piste that it has become a relief and consolation to be able, every now and again, to sit down in front of a sheet of manuscript or a computer monitor and add some notes to my current projects.  359 more words



My roses are having a final fling before Autumn really sets in. I’m proud of them! So much so, that I’ve presented them in a vase, after all, that’s where birthday goodies go! 43 more words