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Three Domestic Haikus

Thread the needle, dear,
and sew a new tomorrow.
Hooray, seam ripper!

My thumb is not green.
I need plants I cannot kill.
One of these still lives. 20 more words


Achieved is the glorious work

I am treating myself to a day off after a hectic run of work, so I am sitting in my garden as the cats explore various nooks and crannies, and admiring the plants, now sited in their various positions and beginning to take in the spring sunshine.  353 more words


April 9, 2014

This may be our eldest son’s defense when he grows up. The second of two cartoons inspired by the phrase “Open Door Policy.” I can’t decide which one I like better. What do you think?


Supergirl Vs. the Gutless Wonder

What kind of stuff have you been reading lately?  I try to vary fiction and nonfiction (using one eye for the former and the other eye for the latter for optimum efficiency as well as confusion).   1,913 more words

In the Beginning..

There are a lot of myths about Beginnings. Stories. Legends. Theories. They are expansive, all-encompassing things that strive to answer such large questions such as ‘where did life begin?’ And really, that’s the question that radiates through every step of everything we do. 556 more words


My weekend in numbers

1 – the number of times I got to pretend it was cold enough to wear my unicorn jumper

2 – Buffy fans made happy with a ‘walk through the fire’ bracelet… 246 more words

Real Life

A Bad Day--in the Life of the Archive

Towards a Dastardly MA Thesis:

I haven’t been able to stop writing but also, what’s worse, I haven’t been willing to look over what I’ve written, and at this point I know I’ll need to soon; it’s not getting any earlier in the year; we’re not getting any further from December; I have no statement ready and right now I have nothing to say for this entire day, this Sunday–what a mess, the toddler! 93 more words