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Sadie Saves the Dinner, Part I

Sadie’s blistered bottom felt like it had been branded with a hot iron. She had submitted to tough punishments before, but the hurt in Abby’s eyes would haunt her long after she could sit comfortably again. 1,308 more words

Domestic Discipline

The Anniversary Gift

Sadie nudged Zane off the foot of the bed and groggily trudged into the kitchen. Mornings were no fun, especially early Saturday mornings. Technically, she didn’t even have to be up. 1,444 more words

Domestic Discipline

Four Pictures and a story

Find out what these pictures all have in common under Fantasy Stories in our new fiction area.  Please let us know what you think of our stories.


A Lesson in Keeping Promises

There were three things Sadie was sure of:
1. She had stayed out way too late.
2. She was very, very drunk.
3. She was in BIG trouble. 1,453 more words

Domestic Discipline

Inside Information...

Hello readers,

I have been pondering whether to write about the following subjects,  as when speaking with others intererested in lifestyle, these questions often come up. 61 more words


Domestic Discipline Romance

Book Two of the Birchwood Hall trilogy Polly: The Cuckoo Waltz was released today.

Both book one & book two are now available to buy on Amazon for Kindle (click covers)


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