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A Beer Keg and a Turning Point

Kennedy walked up the driveway, triple checking that she was at the right house. She barely knew the people who were hosting this party and she really only was planning on going so she’d have an excuse to do something with Jordan. 5,250 more words

"I'll spank you for it later..."

I finally broke down. After all the stress and emotional crap swimming around inside my head… it happened. The flood gates opened and everything came out at once (this is why my HoH doesn’t like me to hold things in). 560 more words

A look at my past, a view of my future....

During Hunter’s visit this weekend, he asked me to come and spend Christmas with him….. And then purchased my plane tickets.

I really wanted to come but I didn’t feel like I could explain my choice to my family without my parents meeting him. 820 more words


Spanked to tears

Tonight I got the hardest spanking I can remember. And let me tell you, I deserved it. He had me otk with my pants and panties around my ankles for at least half an hour. 324 more words

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Lessons Learned - Awakenings

I know that it seems like forever since my last post.  But, not that I am getting this all off my chest, shorter and more frequent posts will follow.   3,509 more words


Recently I’ve racked up quite a large credit card bill which I’m not going to be able to pay off anytime soon. Not only that, but I’ve missed a couple payments on student loans and such. 445 more words

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Wooden Spoon

Today started out like most days. Mitch and I woke up together and got ready for work. However, I ended up doing something that I know I’m not supposed to do. 520 more words

Our Spanking Stories