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A Posting from Blair's Submissive Wife, Margie: September Maintenance Spanking

Margie and I were just noting that I posted in a bunch again and felt like it was a perfect opportunity to post what was on her mind in regards to our CDD relationship.   1,168 more words

Head of Household Discipline

In my time as a spanking counselor, I have administered numerous spankings to men, who were both in and out of Domestic Discipline relationships.  Because I grill the men who receive our counseling with extreme vigor and prejudice, I have weeded out men who seek to sexualize the spanking aspect of what we offer.   624 more words

A Peek Inside Our CDD Marriage

When I started writing on Scribophile.com and opened this WordPress blog, there was no intention of opening up Margie and I’s own DD marriage to the general masses.   641 more words

Domestic Discipline

The Day After the Night Out

The Day After the Night Out.

I loved this simple, intense yet highly ordinary look inside a common Dom/sub Domestic Discipline love relationship. Nice job by the author making the story told only to the Dom and letting us eavesdrop on that relationship.   10 more words

Back to Jeans

There are many things I love about Fall-but one thing in particular is the return of blue jeans after a summer of khaki shorts. Very few sounds more rewarding than swats over tight jeans.


Hi Aunt Kay;

Well, as you know yourself, there are, indeed, people like us out here … real, live lifestylers who do, indeed, practice domestic discipline. 641 more words

Domestic Discipline

The Day After the Night Out

I knew I was in trouble as soon as I woke up and looked at you.

‘Morning Sir’

‘Morning Brat, how are you today? in a better mood?’ 957 more words