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Candied Orange Peels

Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought I would post a recipe today, on this food heavy holiday. And since times are tough, candied orange peel came to mind. 354 more words

Domestic Issues

Glenn Greenwald: Talking to James Risen about "Pay Any Price," the War on Terror, and Press Freedoms

 Fear is hard to question. It is central to the financial well-being of countless federal bureaucrats, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, analysts, and pundits. Fear generates funds.

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The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same

As a child of the 60’s and an avid anti-war protester I was targeted by the government as a threat….the old COINTELPRO……..but that program was abandoned years back…..or was it? 17 more words


Voting is a privilege and a Right

That pie chart says it pretty clearly. Almost half of eligible Americans don’t give a !^@# about voting. I’ve heard a lot of reasons. It’s rigged. 383 more words

Domestic Issues

Obama's Weakness and Failures

My favorite presidents are Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson. What these presidents had in common were a very turbulent presidency, the skills to work behind the scene with an often hostile congress to barter for legislation important to them, and figuring how best to get very difficult things done. 851 more words



Little Lotta has no fadda.
Eating bitter tears and whey.
She gulps them down with awful sounds
Coming from mama’s bedroom play
Fight and rumble, domestic tumble… 141 more words