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Being home with blissful freedom of time would be many worker bees’ dream. Many lament, just one vacation, one more day for me to work on my house, one more day to sleep in… Yet having lived a life free of total obligations for over a month now, I may have reached my limit of monotony and lack of structure. 304 more words

Snowmageddon, part 3

Final total: we got 34″ of snow. I’m pretty sure this is our household record for a single storm.

Before the storm:

After — note almost complete disappearance of split-rail fence: 51 more words

Domestic Life

Hạnh phúc là như vầy

Hôm nay cũng la hét hai anh chàng này đến mỏi miệng và khan tiếng. Càng lớn thì tụi nó càng bướng nên phải biết cách tiến tiến lui lui với mấy ảnh mới nghe lời. 315 more words


Chả lụa chay

Làm được ba đòn chả lụa chay cho Mẹ. Dạo này biết gói lá chuối lên tay nghề rồi nha. Đúng là phải tập tành mới quen tay để gói cho nó tròn mủm kiểu này. 247 more words


Working Overtime

We got into the new house finally on Saturday and have been prepping to paint ever since. There is SO much work to do, omg. Everything seems to take twice as long and it’s so hard with our busy lives to spend a ton of time there. 145 more words

Domestic Life

Snowmageddon, part 2

We were out in the driveway clearing another 8″ of snow (making the running total as of noon 30″) and started talking with the neighbors across the street. 231 more words

Domestic Life

Snowmageddon, part 1

Here are a few pictures from 12 hours into the Blizzard of 2015, with about 18 more hours to go.

We were thoroughly daunted to open the garage door at dawn and be faced with 22″ of snow. 200 more words

Domestic Life