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Foreign/Local Tides

So I never got to wave “hi”
at the Palace of Versailles,
Ooh let me sit and cry
at opportunity missed-
do I feel slighted, dissed? 135 more words


The End of a Work Day

You come through the door
As if you hadn’t left
You unbutton your suit jacket
As if it is a second skin
You tug at your tie… 54 more words



I am feeling a bit stifled about my confidence these past few weeks. Somehow I lost the courage to do certain things and make certain decisions. 367 more words


All I Want For Christmas Is A Broken Leg

Ever catch yourself secretly wishing for an injury so you could spend the day at the hospital? Not something life-threatening or causing permanent damage – obviously – but a serious enough cut, or shard of glass in your foot – something that would require you to stop everything and spend the next 7-8 hours at the hospital, 98% of it waiting for something to happen? 198 more words

Domestic Life

Cuteness Overload: ClaraJane and Fluff

Thursday, December 10th 2014 @2:25pm

This just in. ClaraJane’s ride home from school today:

ClaraJane and Fluff :    [http://youtu.be/wDgT_mPGjnM]

Correction:  I misquoted ClaraJane in this film.   41 more words


New House: Christmas Decorating 2014

This year, I’ve focused much of my blog on decorating our new house. While I don’t consider myself to be a master decorator (and certainly not a very good photographer!), I would definitely state interior design as one of my major hobbies in 2014. 333 more words


Gotta Start Somewhere - ClaraJane and Simra

Even as I sit down to type right now, my daughter is climbing out of the empty drawer slot in the living room entertaining our 1 year-old next door neighbor girl, and our son is outside the door making fabulous Hotwheel creations with young neighbor boys; either of which I could create scintillating documentation around. 164 more words