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Super muffins

I am on a baking spree!

This time it’s the super muffin with a combination of the kids’ favorite things: banana, fresh peanut butter, maple syrup, Greek yogurt, and apples that we picked from the orchard on Sunday.



Have  suspended normal domestic service in experiment to see whether extensive daily efforts to create Nurturing and Supportive Home Environment will a) be missed and therefore at last Appreciated by children or b) prove A Complete Waste Of Time. 84 more words


This weekend I imagined something epic, like looking over the edge of a building drinking champagne out of the bottle. I planned to sleep in between the cushions of my sofa, instead, I cuddled through two kid movies. 51 more words


Launching, Planning, Breathing

Phew. What a week it’s been. Last Monday, we met some friends at the park and Nora mastered her big summer project–crossing the rings. By yesterday, we’d launched both kids at preschool, attended Nora’s swim and dance classes, participated in our second church Sunday of the new year, gone through a week of Steve’s new schedule, and I submitted another editing project (just two left for this month!) since that Monday park date! 130 more words


Wow, middle of September

Good Morning from a crisp cool Delaware! I have been absent on the blog for nearly a month, but I have been a little busy. 1,180 more words

Random Acts Of Quilting And Other Projects

Diet schmiet!

Hi my name is Sabrina and I am addicted to carbs. I have a torrid love affair with food, especially pizza (don’t judge me, this is a safe place… 718 more words


Popovers recipe (trial test)

I have always wanted to make popovers. Always!

My first encounter with popovers was when living in Amherst, MA. There was a restaurant right in the heart of town, Judie’s Restaurant, boasted their fame of popovers with apple butter. 493 more words