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The Last Day of the Month

On the last day of the month

I cook my stash of vegetable peelings and potato water

Into broth for next month’s soups and stews and gravies… 68 more words

Journal-esque Reflections

What is coupons and champagne?

This blog is about being a stay at home mom to three (read: living on one income and cutting coupons) but never forgetting to have those special things in life..like a glass of champagne..or wine…or Oreo cookies..or whatever makes you smile. 65 more words


Joining a new club

Not any club, but a special club with minivans.

We are having plans; life-changing plans of some sort and we need a minivan to accommodate the changes that are to come. 29 more words


These Pumpkins

I realize I already posted this shot yesterday, but I am taking a mommy moment here to reflect on some kid milestones. And the milestones have to do with pumpkins, of course! 151 more words


Đảm đang

Cũng may là viết được tiếng Việt có dấu chứ nếu không thì người đọc sẽ thấy mắc cười khi tôi viết tựa đề.

Tôi phải nói là tôi phục tôi quá. 433 more words


Một ngày bình thường

Ngày thứ Năm thằng đậu anh đi học từ 10:30h sáng tới 3h chiều nên hôm nay thằng đậu em và tôi có đến hơn bốn tiếng đồng hồ thong thả đi chơi. 166 more words


Early Fall Snapshots

I have missed coming here and writing posts. Things are looking a little less hairy today, and my oldest child is enjoying some brother-free time (he’s at preschool) on a rainy Thursday morning. 134 more words