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Twenty more things that make me happy

By Caitlin Kelly

Last-minute $20 fifth-row tickets to one of my favorite bands ever, Johnny Clegg

Seat-dancing like a fiend to his music and singing at the top of my lungs to old favorites like “Scatterlings of Africa”; 289 more words


Audit your fridge

The pause button on domestic life

I had no introduction to a domesticated life a week subsequent to my wedding. I had simply clicked the pause button in my head, because it was crunch time for my post-graduate degree. 497 more words


New season

Spend large part of day trying to put house in fit state for visitors; dog seeks refuge from relentless hoovering by digging up flower bed. Find box of rather squashed Easter decorations, pick few remaining tulips from garden, and attempt to create atmosphere of welcoming domestic elegance – mission not helped by presence of enormous second-hand cross-trainer in hallway (sons unfortunately take Personal Fitness very seriously). 46 more words

Five Secrets to a Flourishing Home

“The house of the wicked shall be overthrown, but the tent of the upright shall flourish.”    ~Proverbs 14:11

Although this may come as a surprise, the condition of our home life reveals the true level of our spiritual health and maturity. 1,692 more words


A Touch of Easter

Lost in the shuffle of moving (aside from Nora’s soccer socks–anyone have a clue where those are?!) are the spring holidays and the fun crafts and recipes that can be planned around them.  103 more words


Domesticity with dogs

Both dogs, waiting for someone to give them food, as if they needed or deserved it.


Traces of life

Even in the still-harsh environment of early spring on Martha’s Vineyard, signs of wildlife can be found

egg cases

and domestic life

although we never sighted the owner of these prints we assumed domesticity!!!