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U.S. Constitution; "separation of powers" and remedy for purposeful violation

U.S. Constitution

Article. I.   (Legislative Branch)

Section. 1.

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

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In theory this is all true but it would take 67 votes out of the 100 in the Senate to find a president Guilty as charged by the impeachment of the house. The House impeachment part only requires a majority which would be 218 out of 435. 13 least 13 Democrats would have to vote for a guilty verdict along with all the republicans --- this is not like to happen just as it didn't happen with Clinton in 1999.

Leaked: Advance Outline of Obama Executive Order On Immigration (pdf) White House Document

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Cloward-Piven being implemented by our own president its to bad we have to endure this for two years and two months before he is gone!

Pakistani Terror Cell "OpFerguson" Instructing Saint Louis Antagonists To Target Police Helicopters and Surveillance...

Today the FBI expanded the warnings for anticipated violence to multiple communities throughout the U.S. – The list of cities planning to join the coordinated RAGE efforts has also increased. 736 more words

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the lack of education and parental control on the black communities makes them susceptible to this kind of manipulation. The sad thing is the Obama and Holder don't care what happens in the black communities.

Two Race-Based Beatings for WWWIABN (Walking While White In A Black Neighborhood)....

First we must remember the immortal words of Hank “tippy guam” Johnson as he described his perspective on what happened to Trayvon Martin:

If you remember all of the airtime that little sound bite got back in 2012, you might think the following story would be a little more difficult for the media to avoid.  626 more words

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Blacks are allowed to do theses things because the Democrats living in the antebellum south owned them (the blacks) as slaves and the democrats today feel bad that they owned the black slaves and so they allow this to go on to make themselves feel good. And the best part is they have managed to convince every one that it was the republicans that were in the south and they are the ones that owned the slaves.

Saint Louis Mayor Will Permit Limited Amount of Riots, Arson and Looting, But Murder Will Probably Be Frowned Upon...

Perhaps Saint Louis could underwrite a safety tax. A fee payable by citizens to insure their ability to remain alive. http://t.co/f5HP9M5RZe

— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) November 20, 2014…

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Limited looting --- my that will work out really well this man is either a total idiot or a Democrat --- oh I'm sorry I repeat myself!

UPDATE: Saint Louis (Ferguson) Grand Jury Will Meet On Friday For Final Presentation of Evidence - *Update* List of Cities For Days of Rage Protests...

CNN is reporting the Saint Louis Prosecutor has informed the media the Saint Louis grand jury will meet on Friday for a final review and presentation of evidence. 493 more words

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Well the next few weeks will be very interesting --- lets hope we can survive!

While We Were "Grubering" The State Dept and DHS Executed "Operation Alien Influx"...

Last week, on a Friday no less, Joe Biden executed a full usurpation of immigration law that had nothing to do with Presidential Executive Orders. 372 more words

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The plan is to bring in enough "immigrants," who will then be beholding to the Democrats that it will be impossible for any other party to elect candidates to federal or local office. The democrats already have control of the schools and a good portion of the judges so in 3 or 4 election cycles there will only be one party