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Patrick Stewart on Domestic Violence


Bit of a serious post today, but sometimes it’s got to be done. As much as I love my fun, lighthearted pieces on beauty, fashion, reviews etc I do like to occasionally use this platform to spread messages I find important: see… 156 more words

Easter for Girls Who've Been Burnt

Days like today are when the choices we’ve made are tested.

When I say ‘we’ I mean those of us who have escaped abusers at the cost of losing family and friends.   747 more words

DV is not about size, gender, or strength

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More than 830,000 men fall victim to domestic violence every year, which means every 37.8 seconds, somewhere in America a man is battered according to the… 1,213 more words

Domestic Violence

The Anatomy of Loneliness

I always wore my heart on my sleeve.  Trying to wrap my head and heart around those perfect couples who go to all ends of the earth to protect a prototype of a perfect life always annoyed me. 761 more words


Dedicated to All Currently Suffering From Abuse

Soon I will be starting (I think) my own webpage about this so that it doesn’t overrun the purpose of this website, however for now this is where all my posts regarding domestic abuse and violence will be going. 590 more words