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Don't come around here no more

Once I had a dolly
but I lost him on the moor
now dolly don’t come around here no more

Once we had a puppy… 75 more words


Warden has applied Warning Stickers but nothing will happen @DanBoyB -> Moira Rd, D7. Jul 22 2014

With thanks to @DanBoyB, who says “Moira Road again! DCC came with stickers & left it @CiaranCuffe @eilistweets”

Dear 8th Grade Substitute Teacher,


I do not know if you remember me; however, how can you not remember me? I remember you as if you sexually assaulted me and it only happened just a few hours ago. 1,285 more words


This film starring Vince Vaughn and John Travolta was a very enjoyable film however although I do love Vince Vaughn I really do not think that this film brought out the best in his acting; I didn’t really get the fealing he was a killer as there was no major scenes in the film to show off his really creepy side. 29 more words


The "Bravest and Most Humane" Army? Hardly.

If you have not noticed the best way to drum up support for anything in the United States is go around town to town screaming empty slogans and denouncing groups that are getting in the way. 1,028 more words