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"Unbroken" is a horrific hero's story from World War II, directed by Angelina Jolie

Jack O’Connell and Finn Wittrock shoot a raft scene.

Finn Wittrock as Francis “Mac” McNamara doesn’t make it through the film.

In Mel Gibson’s film, Jim Caviezel relived the Passion of the Christ. 1,000 more words




Though it’s pretty much become known as the “Michael Fassbender with a giant fake head” movie, there is obviously quite a bit more to it than that — this is an enjoyable, quirky, and surprisingly funny movie about a young keyboard player who is plunged headfirst into the inner workings of an off-kilter band led by a charismatic, fake-head-wearing singer. 46 more words


Unbroken Box Office Prediction

At one time, Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken was looked at as a potential juggernaut for Oscar season. Based on the 2010 Laura Hillenbrand bestseller focused on the life of Olympic medalist Louis Zamperini during World War II, the picture seemed tailor made for awards attention. 143 more words

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Il était temps


par Alice

Synopsis : Alors que Tim vient d’avoir 21 ans, il apprend par son père qu’il peut voyager dans le temps, ce qui est pour lui enfin une chance de trouver une petite-amie. 864 more words

A La Une

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I don’t recall hearing about the “Bathtub Killers” in nearby Mississiauga, Ontario, two teenage sisters that murdered their mother. Names were changed to protect the girls’ identities due to their ages. 531 more words


Brendan Gleeson and sons: ‘There’s no such thing as a normal family’ - The Irish Times

Brendan Gleeson and sons Domhnall and Brian have established a recent acting dynasty. So what will happen when they finally share a stage together for the first time? 1,409 more words

Brian Gleeson

0214 | Frank

I saw Frank Sidebottom, the character created by the eccentric performance artist, comedian and musician Chris Sievey, on a few occasions in the early 1990s. Each time I felt like there was a huge joke being shared in the room that I wasn’t in on, such was the feverish mirth Sidebottom inspired in his followers, but I dutifully accompanied one of my friends – a huge fan – whenever Frank played my town anyway. 884 more words