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Riding crop

I’m often asked what toy I like best. While I can’t pick just one I’d have to say that the riding crop is definitely one of my favorites. 29 more words


What's next?

Disclaimer: My thoughts My voice Masters Voice all in different prints, and it’s long…..

The weekend has for all intensive purposes has passed and the craziness has begun to dial back and I’m more in control of how everything effects me. 1,109 more words


The Bath

After introductions were made and plans were set to meet in the dining room later that evening, I was shown to the bathroom and found that Michael had drawn me a bubble bath. 258 more words


Belief is a constant flow of thoughts

Humans are creatures of habit and belief. Our belief is the prime motivator for us to act. Some believe in science and others believe in the metaphorical wisdom of the bible. 229 more words

Personal Evolution

Two Heads Are Better Than One

It is time to dust the cobwebs off the blog and announce the reason for the sudden lapse in blog posts. Partially, it’s because I almost died of a freak anaphylactic episode caused by an innocuous and unassuming looking square of baklava and used that opportunity to assess and reassess every minute detail of my life.  339 more words

Germany 'can dominate for years'

“Domination goes in cycles. Spain did it before and now Germany look like they can dominate for years to come.”

That was the verdict of former England captain Rio Ferdinand after Germany won the 2014 Fifa World Cup. 1,303 more words