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tentacle porn...sans the tentacles?

Last night I had a wet dream about Ursula. You know, the wicked sea witch from The Little Mermaid? Only, instead of tentacles, she had legs that I could force open. 258 more words


This is the first, but definitely NOT the last!!!

Okay losers! Let’s get one thing straight. The only purpose that you serve is to obey My EVERY command, no matter HOW humiliating or degrading it is for you. 134 more words

Bitchy Black Princess

Lunch Break

Meet me in the hallway baby
I’ve been dying to share this tip
lunch is break only 30 long
against the wall so you don’t slip… 71 more words

Random Thoughts

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 2

Today’s question: 2. How have you changed in the past 2 years?

Wow…that could take pages to sum up but I think I’ll try to keep it as simple as I can.   725 more words

I'm A Woman; Therefore, I'm Privileged

Several things in life make me ashamed to be a woman: the way we viciously compete with one another, sometimes for work, often for men, and sometimes merely for attention. 604 more words

The Domme's Way

reposted from FetLife:

I saw something about being a dominant that intrigued me and on this little journey of mine, however long it may last, I am thinking a certain way at the moment. 301 more words

Which toy first...hhhmmmmmm.......gee.......

It took me a bit too decided.

A humbler.

I’m not going to link anything here for what it is…..instead I will suggest anyone who doesn’t know what it is Google it……you’ll know in under a nano second. 781 more words