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No Decision Hamels gets a win

Whether it was poor offense or great pitching, the Phillies were dreadful the first two games in San Diego. Bad pitching or good at-bats arrived Wednesday night as the Phillies picked up a win. 327 more words

Could Amarista be Padres Shortstop in 2015?

By Bill Center

Until very recently, the Padres viewed Alexi Amarista as a very valuable utility player – an athlete who could play all three outfield positions as well as three of the four infield positions. 905 more words

Bill Center

When Unwritten Rules Collide: Proper Shift Etiquette During a No-No

You don’t break up a no-hitter with a bunt. It’s a cornerstone of baseball’s unwritten rules. I’m giving you my best as a pitcher, and I expect your best as a hitter, the theory goes, and with this much on the line, ticky-tack small-ball tricks hardly count as anyone’s best. 574 more words

Philadelphia Phillies

Phillies clinch losing season

With the Tuesday night loss to the just-as-bad-as-us-but-better-than-us-past-two-games Padres, the Phillies have cemented a losing season with 80-82 being the best possible if they won 11 games in a row to end the season. 82 more words

News flash: Padres score runs

Burnett struggled through the first few innings with the Padres seemingly on every base, every inning. Luckily, he was facing the weak hitting Padres, so he ended up only giving up 2 runs until the 6th but then he gave up 3 more including a 2 run shot to Amarista. 704 more words

Cashner dominates listless Phillies

A 2 hit shutout by Andrew Cashner (only 5th start of season after being injured) took only 2:09 to complete as the Phillies offense was left on the East coast. 160 more words

Back to the norm

I hope AJ Burnett retires, please let him keep the promise and disappear. After the 2009 World Series, I never liked him and I don’t like him now. 558 more words