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Drácula: a história nunca contada

Drácula: a história nunca contada (Drácula Untold). (Ação/Drama/Fantasia); Elenco: Luc Evans, Dominic Cooper, Sara Gadon, Charles Dance; Diretor: Gary Shore; USA, 2014. 92 Min.

Esqueça tudo o que você já ouviu falar sobre vampiros. 411 more words

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Movie Review: Dracula Untold

Tells the tale of how war hero, prince, and father Vlad the Impaler became the monster of legend. 497 more words

Movie Review

Dracula Untold - review

Dracula Untold is the origin story of the worlds most famous vampire. He wasn’t always the smooth talking, well groomed playboy we have come to know and love he was a rather dull, well iintentioned family man with a bit of an emo streak. 253 more words


"Dracula Untold"

Rated PG-13

1 hour 40 minutes

Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Charles Dance

It’s finally happened. Hollywood’s hit an all time low revising history for the sake of a dumb Dracula movie. 188 more words


Review: Dracula Untold- The Prince of Darkness Begins.

Dracula has had a long and incredibly varied history in cinema. First arriving in the enduringly frightening shadow of Max Schreck in Murnau’s Nosferatu, Bram Stoker’s creation has bared many faces on our screens, working mainly in the realms of horror, with the odd foray into action, Sci-Fi, animation, and comedy. 869 more words

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Batman. Well sort of. Not really: "Dracula Untold"

“Dracula Untold” – 2 1/2 out of 5 stars

So, beneath this beast was a man after all. But beneath the special effects and pretty faces, is this film any good? 625 more words


- ★★★

Always wanted another vampire movie that doesn’t include cheesy lines, stupid love story and/or sparkling vampires? Tired of the current style of normal girl plus vampire man or vampire to vampire fetish? 593 more words