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Daphne du Maurier is said to have said that writers should be read, neither seen, nor heard. Well, obviously she wasn’t living in the age of twitter or literary festivals, but I think she’s mostly correct, only I would tweak her somewhat-patronizing-generalized quote and suggest this: only writers like… 588 more words


Not Quite Ripe

Here’s something kind of mind-blowing: the fruits that we know as plantains and bananas have been part of the human diet for approximately 10,000 years. That same starchy, yellow breakfast staple you pick up for 79¢ in the produce aisle is believed to have been domesticated around 8,000 BC on the island of New Guinea. 1,380 more words

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Actress Zoe Saldana L'Oreal Commercial Confirms She's Haitian?

I had no idea one of my favorite actress and Columbiana star Zoe Saldana is of Haitian decent.

The actress who is currently pregnant with twins is often described as  Dominican or American, but in her recent commercial for beauty brand L’oreal, her background is described as Dominican, Haitian, Puerto Rican and Lebanese . 343 more words

Haitian American

My Favorite Dominican Breakfast

Traveling to Pedernales  you get to meet new people, places (mostly beaches) and get to eat the “real” Dominican food. When I say “real” is that it hasn’t been modified. 54 more words


A New Look and a New Cuisine for Mandible

At long last, Mandible has an official logo and I am in love with it. Michelle, if you happen to read this, you are remarkably intuitive and it was a dream working with you. 970 more words

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Tropical Getaway Essentials

Hey loves! Stef here.

So my boyfriend surprised me late last week with an amazing gift! We are going to the Dominican in September to celebrate our 7th Anniversary together. 470 more words



As followers of the Lord a constant activity in our lives can be summed up in one word – seek.  Today’s readings[1] bring this out with clarity. 681 more words