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The Mt Polley Domino Theory

Last night we played dominos.  Somebody remarked that the failure of the Mt Polley tailings facility was like a line of dominos standing on end and all lined up: push the first one over and it topples the next one that knocks over the next, until they all fall down and flow to Hazeltine Creek. 195 more words

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Frikë nga efekti "domino" i Athinës

Shumë qeveri në Evropën veriore kanë frikë se fitorja e Syriza në Greqi mund të shkaktojë një valë anti-kursimesh në vende të tjera. Në këtë rast është në rrezik e gjithë politika evropiane e kursimeve. 796 more words


Carmen, fiica lui Adi Minun,a lansat primul ei single

Asa tata, asa fiica! Talentata ca si parintele sau, Adi Minune, Carmen a lansat  prima ei melodie. Dupa ce s-a pregatit intens la canto cu Ozana Barabancea, Carmen si-a inceput cariera solo. 265 more words


What will it take to create a simple interaction domino effect?

Can a simple hello create a chain reaction? Let’s see what happens. Feedback,comments,replies,etc. are HIGHLY encouraged!


Salutari tuturor si bun gasit pe blogul meu!
Nu sunt un “AS”in muzica,dar imi place sa ascult piesele care suna bine.
In randurile de mai jos vreau sa va detaliez despre o posibila “copie la indigo”,sau chiar mai mult,posibil un joc de “DOMINO” 309 more words

Muzica Romaneasca

Fats Domino

Fats Domino (Antonie “Fats” Domino Jr.) was born February 26th 1928. This guy is 86 years old and still kicking! He is an American pianist/singer songwriter and released five million copy selling records before 1955. 129 more words


coffee table staples

i love a big coffee table. its so nice to have the room to spread out and work, have all my current favorite books and candles displayed and still have room to spare. 384 more words