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Flemington 3031: Dominos

After ordering a Beef Peri Peri pizza and Margarita with gluten free base, we waited 15 mins for the pizza. Unfortunately there was an error with the online tracker, causing us to assume the online tracker was broken. 121 more words

Take Away

Cuba 2014 - Part 6 - The Games People Play

So, I have to admit that I don’t have much to offer on this particular blog. Not because I didn’t try, but because, well, there are only so many pictures of domino games I can get away with showing. 498 more words


Customer Service


…Was my first expression at the moment I found out I was to do an article on ‘Customer Service?’ Why? I assumed it was the easiest thing to talk about, plus, it happens to be something I am… 1,470 more words


FRIDAY. April 11th, 2014

The craters on the moon are especially dusty today which will cause you to accidentally use your parent’s emergency credit card to pay for your munchies pizza at 3 am. 43 more words

Prototyping a tile-construction hacking game using... bathroom mosaic tiles

So I was just nosing around in some of my pictures folders and I found this image of an old boardgame prototype from last summer. The idea was to make a sort of cyberpunk ‘hacking’ game where the board was built gradually by players (in a similar way to Carcassonne). 148 more words