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Happy happy happy

Great day :D started nicely with a late wait up. I wasn’t up and ready to do anything until around 12.. Then went down to mcdonalds and for dinner I had a dominos! 44 more words


Domino's Pizza

After contracting salmonella from Dominos pizza I have always been a bit wary of where i eat and who I trust to cook me food. Being vegetarian and getting salmonella basically means that someone has touched raw meat and then my pizza….YUM!   222 more words


hello pizza lover

When I first found out that I had to go on a gluten free diet almost a year ago, the first feeling I experienced was devastation. 263 more words


Fried Chicken Has Been Taking Over The Internet, And Here's Why

Sometimes there is nothing quite like a quality piece of fried chicken. As it usually identifies with the United States, more specifically the South, American restaurants and patrons alike go crazy for the crispy drumsticks. 297 more words

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Domino's Pizza. Large #Pizza - any toppings

Any toppings on a large pizza.  Prices vary from store to store. Roughly $12.99 for a large


Fast Food Review - Domino's Specialty Chicken

In addition to being a movie lover, I am also a connoisseur of fast food.  So I was excited to learn about Domino’s new “Specialty Chicken.” 515 more words

Fast Food

Domino’s Adding “Chicken Crust Pizza”

Domino’s is changing up its pizza, again.

The pizza company has just unveiled what it’s calling “Specialty Chicken.” It’s basically a pizza where breaded chicken bites are used instead of dough for the crust. 48 more words