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Pizza Party Carnivale

It’s not very often I accept offers to review things. I get a few a month but unless they’re in-keeping with my blog and what our family do/like then I usually decline them.  638 more words


Pics: Domino's uses funny signs to get customers

SAGINAW, Mich. (WNEM) — A local pizza branch has got people talking, thanks to some very clever advertising.

While most places will advertise a special deal to get you inside the door, this one is taking a different approach and it has the restaurant raking in the dough. 318 more words


Dominos (not the pizza kind)

Life is full of the domino effect; everything that happens is the reason that something else happens. Over the past few days, the Lord demonstrated this to me in the best way. 519 more words

Apple store criticised over "f@g"

The story:

Apple store got criticised when a customer (Mr Catanzarite) received his receipt with “f@g.com” written as his email account. This spikes disappointment from Mr Catanzarite about the treatment and he then proceeds to post the picture of the receipt along with some comments for apple, the store, and how it should be handled on Facebook.  320 more words

Kate Celmer

I have tried to describe what DG means to me so many times before and I just never seem to hit the mark completely. So here’s goes another try. 195 more words

Why I Love DG

Food Fiends and Menacing Mannequins

I stared in confusion at the life-size mannequin that had been positioned right behind the main entrance to a hairdressers’, blocking the way in. Why had it been put there? 120 more words


Game Night

So my mom, brother, and I were playing Dominos

And my mom wanted to take a corny picture of our hands

But I hated how my lame nail looked so I painted one so it’d look pretty… 16 more words