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Domino's Offers Pizza Tracking On Televisions

By Edward Cardenas

SOUTHFIELD (CBS Detroit) – Football fans ordering pizza from Domino’s will be able to track the progress of their order on their Samsung Smart TV with the Domino’s Tracker. 335 more words


Photo: Domino's Pizza Tortured Tongue Ad

Here’s a weird Domino’s ad featured a tongue being tortured in a dominatrix dungeon??!!

An ad agency in Israel created a print ad for Domino’s that they ended up rejecting for obvious reasons. 68 more words


Weekend away Warsaw Hilton Hotel

Dh and I have started some what a tradition of going away for one night  to a hotel/spa in the middle of winter.

Call it a refresher. 739 more words


And we wonder why humanity is growing out of control....

So when the Double Down by KFC first came out, did anyone try it??

Granted this is in the Philippines but this is still such an ill-advised product and I’m going to say it’s an American invention cuz only Americans can come up with such a TERRIBLE idea.  328 more words


Future Implications


Today I wanted to share some thoughts with you of brands that are going forward on social media. In the past few years, marketing using social media has significantly grown. 447 more words

Social Media

The Domicopter

You all know the pizza courier, maybe you are one or maybe you remember one: driving through the rain, the wind and the snow storms on a scooter and ALWAYS too late. 141 more words

Human Movement

I'm so ravenous I can barely see.

Well, this week has been a struggle. Mainly due to the fact that I’ve eaten practically an entire box of Weetabix to aid in, you know, normal bodily functions which appear to stop once you even entertain the idea of changing your eating habits. 552 more words