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My next step

Well I did it. I did what I held back for so long. I took my next step and told Him what I needed.

I have been hurt in the past, a lot. 287 more words


Because of Him

I can say this is true because he taught me to be strong and helped me to see my true worth. I am so indebted to Him.


A Better Submissive

Things are great. My calmness and strength remains. I have never been so content with my relationship with Him.

For the last few days I have spent a lot of time keeping parts of the contract in the forefront of my thoughts. 195 more words


Something Changed

I can’t even explain it. I have been with Him for almost 16 months now. We have done so much, I know Him so well. And yet, something changed. 179 more words


I am collared

Today was the day! We had a perfect day. I am collared. I am His. Although he would tell you I have been His for quite sometime, to me, it’s official. 259 more words


Always some if not all of my heart

Last night I longed to bend. To show you the way my palms can meet behind my back, fingers nearly touching the base of my neck. 255 more words

Dom Tips -- Random thoughts

Kind of as an offshoot of my sugar tips I thought I would fire one off on being a dominant man. 425 more words

Sugar Tips