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Love you ask?

Yes, love. To those who say a true sub does not love her Dom or a true Dom does not love his sub… You are wrong. 320 more words



I go there…. I need to be there. Right now, I need it.

It’s strange though, because at times I go into my subspace when I need to separate myself and be ‘just a submissive’ and keep feelings etc out of it. 96 more words


My journey into Submission: Entry one

It’s sort of amazing how one event, one single conversation, can change your life. Those life shattering moments turn us upside down and we have to find ways to cope, to fight our way out of the darkness, find ourselves in the chaos of losing everything. 431 more words



I had such an awesome surprise today! I was able to see Him today and there were no plans etc. He had some time and included me in it! 94 more words


The Gentleman Caller...

He made me nervous….
Yes, me.  Ms. Calm, Cool and Collected.

Yes I am the same girl who has had playdates with Sadists. Rode the range with the Outlaw. 646 more words


Wants and Needs

It took me awhile to figure out both. But I know now.

The easiest way for me to describe it is…

I need, and want, a man to take me places I don’t dare go alone or with anyone else…. 34 more words


Waves of Emotions

I have noticed lately, that at times, it does not matter what I do, a wave of an emotion will hit me.

It could be desire for Him, missing Him, dedication to Him, love for Him…. 140 more words