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Eagles – The Last Resort

The final song from the 1976 Hotel California record posits an elegiac tone, dismissive of how modern progress forever harms the natural beauty of the world. 75 more words


4oclockshadow: Song of the Day: DIRTY LAUNDRY, Eagles

The driving beat and guitar lick in this song always gets me….


Don Henley mustn't die, but a cattle prod might have helped in Vancouver


Don Henley really put his foot in his mouth during his second encore at the Coliseum last Friday (August 16). 272 more words


In A New York Minute

In a split second, in the matter of a moment, a second, a minute or a day things can change.

It amazes me that in life’s adventure, during our mission here on Earth we are able to experience things in real time and see so many changes around us.   255 more words


The Eagles

In the summer of 1980, I had a friend whose house was where everyone went to to kill some time. There was always music playing.. from Pink Floyd to Blondie, from Jermaine Jackson to Michael Jackson, from Peaches and Herb to Hall and Oates, from Prince to Queen. 1,083 more words


With a Song in My Heart: H is for...

“Hotel California” – Eagles, 1977.

“Hotel California” is not a song I like very much.  That’s something of an understatement, really.  I detest it.  The hatred began as a seed of indifference, nourished by decades of hearing it overplayed on the radio, oversung off-key at karaoke bars, over-requested at weddings and over-selected on pool hall jukeboxes, blossoming finally into a putridly fragrant flower of pure, embittered, soul-deep loathing.   1,066 more words


"Out on the Road Today I Saw a Deadhead Sticker on a Cadillac"

Written by Don Henley

From the Song “Boys of Summer” and the Album Building the Perfect Beast (1984)

Henley, famous as a singer and drummer for The Eagles, explains this lyric: 92 more words

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