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Burn Out vs Rust Out

One can happen in a day….

The other can take a life time.

“Back in the 1970’s Neil Young sang a song about the emerging punk ethic. 622 more words
Algorithms For Life

"Love Will Keep Us Alive"

The Eagles
Hell Freezes Over, 1994

For some reason — okay wait, I know the reason: it’s because I just watched that three-hour Eagles doc on Netflix — “Love Will Keep Us Alive” has wormed its way into my skull this week. 209 more words


Elvis The Teacher

Young woman great talent, doesn’t like what she encounters, suspicious mind, why do they treat us so, as if they own us, she throws her head back, not me she decides, I have the talent, bit by bit she’s worn down, her love has no match, meets a bad manager, romance turns to jealousy, he’s impossible to rely on, business deals begin to go wrong, many years later she’s confused, finally runs into a prophet, she’s drug addicted and medicated, why did it go wrong, just gaining experience, it’s time to believe again, this time in the Love of God, lose the self this time, she begins to read about him, her life suddenly takes off, she follows the Great Spirit, discovers the secret of eternity, Elvis taught us so much, amen.


Fellow Travelers: Creedence Clearwater Revival / John Fogerty

For a Californian who had never resided in the southeastern United States, John Fogerty sure sounded like someone from that region of the country and his band reeked of a swamp-rock vibe. 431 more words

Buck Owens

Witchy Woman #witchywoman #halloween

Raven hair and ruby lips -
sparks fly from her finger tips.
Echoed voices in the night -
she’s a restless spirit on an endless flight. 32 more words

Housewifey Stuff

CK Retro Review: I'm Alive by Jackson Browne

After spending most of the 80’s expounding on the problems of the world at large and the evil that men in power tend to do, Jackson Browne brought it all back home with a break-up album. 832 more words

Retro Reviews

Not even Joe Walsh could redeem them

El Guapo scoffs at Don Henley. “The Dude was right: the Eagles were a hollow commercial facsimile of cool 70s rock.”