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Retro Game Friday: Donkey Kong 64

This week we are going over one of the most frustrating games Nintendo and Rare ever made, Donkey Kong 64.

Plot Synopsis: King K. Rool wants to destroy DK Isles with a large laser called the Blast-O-Matic (as he thinks if he can’t have DK Isles, nobody can), but it malfunctions after a crash that puts his floating, mechanical island face-to-face with DK Isles. 213 more words

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Stephanie's Flea Market Finds

Whenever I visit my family for the weekend, my dad, sisters, and I have this little tradition of going to the local flea market every Sunday morning. 326 more words


Collect the Collectibles!

There’s nothing more fun than a good set of collectibles in a video game. I don’t know what it is about them, but I HAVE to get them all before I move on, sometimes spending hours searching every nook and cranny for them. 432 more words