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Review: It's a Wonderful Life

No. Just get it out of your system now, no, I hadn’t seen It’s a Wonderful Life until now. Yes, I should have, what kind of a film reviewer am I? 400 more words


Three Model Mothers (2006)

1. Donna Reed.

2. June Cleaver.

3. Lisa Gherardina.


To commemorate her second son’s birth-

She posed as the Mona Lisa, for one of

the greatest painters on earth.


The Far Horizons (1955)

Donna Reed doesn’t look much like the Sacajawea we have on our dollar coin nowadays, but The Far Horizons isn’t history; it’s Hollywood doing Lewis and Clark… 69 more words


mash-wonderful happy life-up

For the original 7 minutes before during and after this 13 second sequence -Press the following link- http://gillmcgrath.com/happy/

Pharrell Williams Happy song.’It’s a wonderful life’,James Stewart, Donna Reed.full information see top right on screen.


How To Get That Song Out Of Your Head

Ok, let me be very clear about this.

I think Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” is a brilliant song. It’s won a ton of awards, it’s on the radio, TV, the supermarket-name it. 41 more words