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The Life of Pai

Despite everyone telling me Pai was amazing, I didn’t really want to go. It sounded like a town of tourists and filled by expats, not exactly a genuine Thai experience, however deep down I had a nagging feel I would be missing something if I didn’t check it out and I am so glad I did!I loved it! 875 more words


Can Britney Do It Again?

By: Giovanni Carcamo

What can fans make of Britney Spears now? The 32 year old pop goddess has come out with another studio album, Britney Jean… 1,108 more words


Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry

Mijn kleine meisje ligt al een paar avonden in haar slaap te huilen. Blijkbaar heeft ze een hoop te verwerken. Leuke, maar ook spannende dingen. Het is de kunst om haar wakker te krijgen, want pas dan kan ik haar troosten. 180 more words


Press on

Did anyone ever truly care about how you felt? Did they tell you that your feelings mattered? No. It was never about how you felt, but the show must go on. 245 more words

don't cry

I am a crier.  I cry especially over sappy, sweet, sentimental, loving moments… on TV.  For years, my dear husband would look at me during one of those crying moments and say, “Don’t cry, Bunny.”  To which I would sniffle and say, “I can’t help it…” 278 more words

Fine, thanks

A capricious sun begets

Adumbral voyeurs

I sleep with fear,

With inconsolable wraiths

Pinned into the lascivious corners

Of my prevaricating smile,

I am fine thank you for asking, 124 more words


evie vee 1980 no destination no where to go , 22 may 1980, Visage Damned , Don't Cry

loose myself in glossy pages ,
dull magazines
mean-less towns with faceless people
time to close my eyes and drift off #
moments pass by oh so slowly… 43 more words

Whirl Pool Of Emotions