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How Does It Feel To Be Addicted To Cocaine Or Crack Cocaine?

Cocaine is one helluva drug. It make you feel great. Like really great. But that comedown. With grinding teeth? No thanks. Not for me. This Quora thread… 4,970 more words

View from my Window

Crackhead comin down the hill on his bike, traveling at an irresponsible speed. One hand frantically steering his stolen shopping cart, the other hand balancing the rickety stolen bike, the cross traffic intersection is approaching, he clearly has no brakes on either his bike or cart. 62 more words


Flatbush ZOMBiES - Don't Do Drugs Kids

Whoever said Hip Hop’s message is negative was clearly wrong. The Flatbush Zombies are here to let your kids know that they should never do drugs. 26 more words

Hip Hop