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A Penny For Your Thoughts: On "The Sartorialist", Photo Journalism, and Fashion

The famous fashion blogger Scott Schumann, of “The Sartorialist” recently reposted one of his pictures from his trip to India, and in a rare moment, gave considerable more commentary than is his typical custom. 1,065 more words

A Penny For Your Thoughts

This video isn’t in english but if you just watch it, you should be able to take something out of it. Have a nice day and remember to be nice and love everyone :)


Pitt Love

I love pitt bulls. I hate how people discriminate them. It’s the owners, not the dogs. They get a bad reputation from the people who use them for fighting. 17 more words


Today my bdd is playing up and I decided to use it as motivation to express how I feel, to get a step closer to telling people about my feelings. 506 more words

The Importance of Being Assertive

Positive¬†assertive communication is based on mutual respect, an attitude which defends your rights without hurting those of others. Being assertive shows that you’re willing to stand up for your interests and express your thoughts and feelings. 655 more words

Tuesday Tips

LGBT? I'm straight, but i support them

Apa yang lo pikirin ketika melihat seseorang yang memiliki orientiasi seksual berbeda dari kita? Haha gua tau apa yang kalian pikirin. Jijik? Abnormal? Sakit? Orang yang perlu dijauhi? 609 more words


Judge me. And I’ll prove you wrong.