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I'm just being quiet, why is it an issue???

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been in one of my “quiet” zones, and something I don’t understand is why people view that as being a bad thing? 503 more words

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Stop With the Fat Shaming

Not too long ago I met up with my sister, Kelsey, and her friends for dinner and drinks downtown. Kelsey is great, but her friends can be vain a**holes. 559 more words

The Need For Change


I think change has to be a survival strategy or tactic/technique in the human existence.

Why do we change?

I think we change to maintain some kind of control over the many unexpected curves life throws our way. 212 more words

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Unconditional Love = Being free from the task of judgement

My life’s goal is an intrinsic one. I want to be unconditionally loving towards myself and others, and I want to be fearless. I know that I am shooting for the stars, but this goal is the reason I am alive. 644 more words

the new wordpress

so, this my first time i ever had wordpress, the idea i decided to created this blog is i have lots things in my mind that i want to share with people. 19 more words

Dont Judge

People on Government assistance

RANT: In the past couple of days, i’ve seen too many negative posts about people who use government assistance. I find them highly offensive. One of them compared these people to animals. 1,398 more words