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7 reasons why happiness isn't a choice

Happiness, they say, is a choice.

Oh, I absolutely agree.
But has anybody realised that pain isn’t?

You can choose to be happy when you don’t get what you want because you’re optimist about getting something better in the future.

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Don't Judge

The other woman

When I first spoke to her, I was drowning in tears.

My world had fallen apart and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Although the reason I had decided to talk to her had been obvious at that time, looking back now, I wonder if there was a part of me that wanted to know her as a person, without judgement and assumptions on either side. 450 more words

Don't Judge

See it?

The little green goblins came fluttering out. With the bricks moved, there was nothing blocking the exit. Tickling little feet down my chest, the small goblins were like an army of ants with claws, digging into my skin with every step they took. 6 more words



My hands were shaking.
I only realized when I looked down — when reaching for the steering wheel felt like pulling sacks of bricks down a never-ending road. 22 more words



I couldn’t hear the music.
Distant in the background,
monotone drone.
For all I knew,
it was silent.

This is how my heart breaks.


Frozen Thoughts

“You’re always haunted by the idea you’re wasting your life”

I bet you all have though about this thing at least once, didn’t you? Standing in front of the computer, scrolling down your smartphone, looking for anything to do but learning or just staring at the blank walls, wandering, asking yourself what are you doing with your life.

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Sonia Muresan

Okay here it goes...my inaguerial post!

Let me first start off by apologizing. Since this is my first post it’s going to be a lengthy one. Don’t worry I’ll make a concerted effort to make my other ones shorter. 435 more words

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