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Monday, Monday

The weekend has come and gone and with that a good bout of self-doubting and feeling of unable to cope.

I had to do an in-store cooking presentation of a machine, and god it was tough. 781 more words

An Open Letter to BlondeRJ's Christian Readers

The sermon today caused me to shed some relieved tears.  I wanted to share with you one of the things that stood out to me. 303 more words

Christian Living

Day 348 - Third Sunday in Advent

Read James 3:1 – 5:20

Taming the tongue; 2 kinds of wisdom; friendship; don’t judge; boasting; warning to rich; patience in suffering; prayer of faith. Pray for one another. 89 more words

A short story from the darkness

A short story from the darkness

Growing up was hard, even harder than adult life.
Growing up the way, I did, shaped my life, turned me into what I am. 615 more words

Gay Cows

It was back in the day when Chik-Fil-A

Admitted they opposed gay marriages

Three blind mice on capital hill

Defense of Marriage Act

Proved they were STRAIGHT up savages… 100 more words


i said furrrrrr... it's cold in here


sorry to say… but honesty being the best policy- it’s the only f-ing thing that’ll keep us warm. also- if you wear a canada goose you’ve lost your argument- maybe a lot less of it, but coyote fur none the less. 10 more words