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Can we all just be okay with being different?

(Heads up for my sensitive readers out there, I use some MILD ‘bad language’ in this post…)

In today’s modern world of complete multi-media infiltration, there has been a surge of people writing posts or articles about how other people are doing it wrong. 1,076 more words

Be honest with yourself

To me being honest refers seeing an issue accepting that about yourself and work to change that behavior, pattern, or coming to terms with something. Judging means your putting your self down, abusing yourself which solved nothing. 35 more words

Inspirational And Motivational Quotes

The good and the bad

While perusing on Facebook this afternoon I came across a video that is being shared and exchanged online of a misbehaving child in public. The boy looks like he is at a children’s arcade and he is out of control. 277 more words



Judgement, something that is probably seen everyday at every moment at some point. It’s unfortunate, you would hope that something like judgment would not exist, but it does. 229 more words

Just me

HAHA wasn’t feeling very sober at all after the drinking and dinner. Managed to stumble my way home. And here i’m in this damn toilet looking how fugly i would have been looking on the way home. 129 more words

I Have A Boyfriend... Oh Wait, That's a Guitar

I am attracted to guitars. They’re sexy. They have this smooth, touchable, velvety skin and soft polished wooden curves you just want to run your hands over. 323 more words


A complete and utter re-modification of myself.... hopefully

After reading ‘How To Keep A Boy As A Pet’ for the second time, (I would totally recommend it to all my fellow girls out there, and if by some miracle Dianne Messidoro does end up happening to read this, I’m still waiting for ‘What Not To Do In The Dark’,) i decided to follow in the footsteps of the lead character Cercie Shaw and start my own blog, which will probably be a complete and utter fail whale to be honest. 552 more words