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Don't Even Think You Know

“Don’t even think that you know what it’s about.”

I was in an almost intensely “zen place” with myself and in my life back some years ago. 448 more words

Vera Kasi

Being 'tolerant,' not judging & blaming society - brief thoughts 1

I hear people of my generation saying things like ‘don’t judge me’ or ‘you have to tolerate others’ or ‘society is messed up/ we’re victims of society’ and I think there are ambiguities with such statements: 195 more words


Titan Up....

This is just my opinion, but when it comes to teaching somebody discipline I believe pain is the most effective way…..

Advancing the Mind

   This summer has been a very busy one. I have attended Girls State, Governor’s School, yearbook camp, visited Memphis and Kansas, and attended a concert. I have learned many valuable lessons this summer also. 779 more words

Pondering Thoughts

You Think You Know...

I am a 20-something, low-fuss girl that’s shy slash friendly, and said to be too nice. I love my V.I.P.s, a good laugh, my job and learning to love myself too. 782 more words


Imperfect perceptions

Dont judge the book by its cover. Remember this saying? Well I not only remember it but I encountered it and to note I was the one judging. 325 more words

Random Thought

Trying to be a mother in a judgmental society

I don’t know if you have seen these posts going around the internet about whether you are a crunchy mom or a silky mom? Well basically if you possess certain qualities it makes you either crunchy or silky. 2,010 more words

All Types Of Moms