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Whatever you do… DON’T PANIC! This year’s Pulse Game was definitely a pleasant surprise. I’ve been in SL for about 2 and a half years now and I hadn’t heard of the annual game until this year, but having played it I have to say I’m already looking forward to next year’s games! 322 more words


Fringe Benefits

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Hair.Olive. the Wicked Hair – Lipstick (@ Tag Gacha, >>more info<<)

Bodysuit#187# Jeans Body (@ 38 more words


How Long Can Ebola Survive on a Surface: New York Edition

Craig Spencer arrived at JFK International Airport on October 17 after treating Ebola patients in Guinea. I’ve pulled his timeline from the Washington Post: 780 more words


Bruins Game 9 Recap: Remain calm. All is well.

Don’t panic or anything. It’s not even Halloween yet and there is nothing to fear. Try not to think of the Bobby Valentine-led Red Sox or anything like that. 92 more words

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blogging lull

sorry, folks. there’s going to be another blogging lull around here for the next couple of weeks. for the same crazy, out-of-my-control reasons that i mentioned a couple of weeks ago… 22 more words


It's the End of the World - Or is it? Keeping perspective in a crazy world

Ebola!  Israel and Palestine threaten to commit genocide against each other! Hurricanes! Earthquakes! Tornados! Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, and Ukraine! Civil unrest in Ferguson, MO! 710 more words