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Those 4 little words ...

Whether your offspring is 7, 14, or 21, there can be few words sweeter than those 4 little words  … “I’m tidying my bedroom!”  Especially when they are offered spontaneously with no prompting or coercion!! 617 more words

Don't Panic

Hello there! Welcome back.

Today marks a significant milestone for me as I have just renewed my Xamarin and Apple subscriptions for another year. When I started this journey I knew it would take time to turn this into a business yet somehow I still thought I might make it within a year. 743 more words


The Weekend Went Swimmingly

Last Weekend of Swim Training for the Deschutes Dash Triathlon

The city I live in does not have any nice swim areas for open water training, and my work schedule prevents me from going out of town during the week, so I went into last weekend knowing it would be my last opportunity to squeeze in some open water swimming and wetsuit time before I get on the plane to Oregon. 758 more words


Keep Calm

Eid is next week and between 4 pitches at work and being a daughter, I’m going just a teeny bit mental.


On the conflicting nature of work: part 2 + some advice

*originally posted here*

As you may or may not know – or care to know – I am currently an Anthropology student in my 2nd year. 781 more words