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WTF Cosmo? Why 4/5 Dentists Don't Approve Of Cosmo's Recommendation Of How To Use Your Toothbrush

High-five, Cosmopolitan magazine, you’ve really outdone yourself this time. For as long as I can remember, you and your pack of underweight, photoshopped, pop-stars have been haunting check out lines and doctor’s offices, but until this weekend, I’ve never taken the bait. 948 more words


"It's a trick. Just a magic trick."

Though, I can assure you, there is nothing remotely magical in this case. All it needs is the careful pull of the right facial muscles, the slight change in the posture (shoulders slumped, stance a little hunched as if defending against the biting cold, a deep frown to indicate a forming headache), and the correct wording in making up a very convincing plea for a sick leave; all those done, and you’re good to go. 947 more words

Sampling the 2nd-hottest pepper in existence: the Trinidad moruga scorpion

We Flugs are not very smart sometimes.

My brother and I are guilty of being occasional pepper experimenters who dare to indulge in the odd heat high. 491 more words

FLOO-G Goofs Off

B1G AD8's Car

Granted, I’m not the world’s tidiest person, however even I acknowledge the tipping point at which to remove unwanted rubbish from the confines of my car. 882 more words

Don't Try This At Home

Until Death Do Us Part 死がふたりを分かつまで (Shi ga Futari o Wakatsu Made) omake

I received the recent volume (7) of Until Death Do Us Part 死がふたりを分かつまで (Shi ga Futari o Wakatsu Made) and this bunkobon’s omake by Double S were funny.  48 more words

Seattle Kifujin


As a young whippersnapper nothing excited me more in the run-up to Christmas than the advent of Santa appearing down our street on a hastily-assembled sleigh/float, surrounded by nubile young female helpers and strobe lighting effects, while the… 1,321 more words

Don't Try This At Home

How to Remove Your Mustache

The Movember is over and it’s time to shave, or remove the mustache (Moustache?) any way possible!