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In the Clouseau v Cato vein

A little diversion for the weekend.

Mrs W was out. While the cat’s away…

It had been ages since my son and I had wrestled. I waited until I could hear him opening the front door. 527 more words


Not Forgotten - Billy Bragg - Don't Try This at Home

Billy Bragg’s first full album since Workers Playtime, an album which saw him change his style to something a little more mainstream than clattering his battered Telecaster and delivering his love them / hate them vocals (personally I’ve always been charmed by his rampantly untutored vocal stylings) with assistance from a few select collaborators (step forward Johnny Marr and Kirsty MacColl), Don’t Try This at Home could be viewed as Bragg’s attempt at a pop album. 359 more words


laughter is not always the best medicine

Last week was pretty decent at work. I had some challenges at my job that I rolled through and I was looking forward to enjoying a long weekend where I left my projects behind and just relaxed. 575 more words

Don't Try This At Home

Sigyn speaks

What could possibly go wrong?

A lot, apparently.

Oh, Loki. Sigh. Let’s get you home.

: (

Naughty Loki


Apparently yesterday was some sort of civic holiday for the Midgardians, one celebrated by burning food out of doors, brass band music, and pyrotechnics. The humans did not participate in the fireworks, saying that they are illegal within the city limits, but this morning I have found some leftovers. 26 more words

Naughty Loki

The Stand-Off Where the Other Guy Had a Bigger Gun

One night  just after supper I was painting my daughters room.  My wife’s cousin-in-law Roger came over. I took a break and we talked for a few minutes when the police scanner in the next room came alive. 813 more words


(Alternative) Formula One Top Trumps

Hey folks, it’s time for the Alternative Formula One Top Trumps: The Collector’s Edition; the game you’ve all been waiting for someone to invent. And never one to disappoint our substantial readership, CARnivorousness have again delivered the (pointless, futile) goods. 357 more words

Don't Try This At Home