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Ima try this again hopefully with different results

For those of you wondering where yesterday’s blog post went, so do I. I clicked “preview” to make sure the links went where they were supposed to go and the only thing happened was all the text disappeared, but since I back up I figured there were some bugs in the preview function and just went back to the previous save and clicked “publish”. 657 more words

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The World's Fastest Religions (and not a catholic converter in sight)

Controversial? Yes. Contentious? Pretty much so. Factually accurate? Don’t be daft. Yes, this is the Carnivorousness guide to the Fastest Religion. But beware, as accidental blasphemy will also play a large part in proceedings we’re sure, so those of you who are troubled by strobe lighting we urge you to look away now. 932 more words

Don't Try This At Home

Bernie Buys Germany

In a completely unforeseen move which has come to pass during the convoluted process of him trying to clear his name, former F1 ring master (and upstanding citizen with a hot daughter), Bernie Ecclestone has gone to the unprecedented length of buying Germany; so as to avoid going to prison. 226 more words

Don't Try This At Home

Electrical Wiring - Do NOT Try This at Home!

At Least This Guy Survived!

Electrical wiring is best left to the professionals. In order to become a licensed electrical contractor in the state of South Carolina, one must meet several qualifications. 318 more words

Don't Try This At Home

In the Clouseau v Cato vein

A little diversion for the weekend.

Mrs W was out. While the cat’s away…

It had been ages since my son and I had wrestled. I waited until I could hear him opening the front door. 527 more words


Not Forgotten - Billy Bragg - Don't Try This at Home

Billy Bragg’s first full album since Workers Playtime, an album which saw him change his style to something a little more mainstream than clattering his battered Telecaster and delivering his love them / hate them vocals (personally I’ve always been charmed by his rampantly untutored vocal stylings) with assistance from a few select collaborators (step forward Johnny Marr and Kirsty MacColl), Don’t Try This at Home could be viewed as Bragg’s attempt at a pop album. 359 more words