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Vanishing People

People vanishing

I find myself alone again

I don’t understand


Not so scary ghost story (Poem #56)

I never understood ghost stories…

They just don’t make sense to me…

What is so scary about a wandering soul?

I mean isn’t that what all of us are? 27 more words


Hetero's getting their freak on, double fisting and expressing themselves

I don’t really understand this outfit. Or the pattern he shaved in his chest hair. Al, you’re welcome!!

Public Space

Why are Woman so Confusing

I know it’s 2014 and I need to get with it but what has changed in history to change woman’s minds on guys. Years ago woman wanted a strong independent man that worked hard and respected her. 151 more words

Dont Understand

I just don't understand

With the approaching Friday being celebrated as Halloween, it’s no wonder I find myself shielding my eyes and gasping in horror at an increased rate of gory and demonic movie previews, advertisements for terrifying haunted hayrides and even crazier haunted houses. 474 more words