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Tuesday 15 April

there’s so much I could
never even remotely
hope to understand


What Does Pop Culture Say?

Living away from North America does not always mean living away from pop-culture. However, when you are in a remote African village with little internet and trips to the big city only once every few months, sometimes the references get lost on you. 435 more words

Uganda Blogs

Isaiah 10:18-34

Scripture: verse 25

For in but a little while, My fury will end;
and My anger will have destroyed them.”

Observation:  Israel was being Israel, so God manipulated the Assyrians into attacking Israel as a form of discipline.  

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Isaiah 1-10

There Are Few Things Funnier...

Than the look on my boss’s face when you start talking about technology.

It is a cross bewteen this:

and this

Don’t even get me started on how he acts when he has to use the dang computer…

Worst day ever 😡😤😷

Today has been the worst day ever!!! worse than the first day of school when my car wouldn’t start. The day I got two flat tires… Yah I did that. 190 more words


What Politicians Don’t Understand About Bailouts

by John Goodman, Daily Reckoning.com:

Recently, I testified before the House Oversight committee on the “risk corridors” in the (Obamacare) exchanges. Republicans claim that this is a device to bail out the insurance companies. 185 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies