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No Matter What You Do, There Will Always Be Someone Who Will Not Approve

I’ve been learning this lesson my whole life. And it seems that the universe has been reiterating this lesson with increasing frequency over the last few years or so. 295 more words

Don't worry - be happy!

Sometimes we just need a little reminder don’t we?

July 26, 2014

Today was the church picnic at the Grassy Field. The woman in charge had been worrying about the weather, but it turned out to be sunny and very nice and everyone who came had a good time. 229 more words


Truth, Meet Bob Marley

It’s kind of astounding to me how truth is found in the most unexpected places.

Recently, it has been a struggle for me to not be overwhelmed by my future. 556 more words




Are you pregnant or why does your belly hang that much over your pants?



Umm…, there is something I’d like to ask since a long time. 40 more words


Friday Music: Of Melodies Pure and True...

Poetry, one of my first loves, has a certain power based in the paring down and molding of words into beautiful statements. Of course these beautiful statements can be expressed in many ways – some deal with love, others with nature or philosophy, and still others with depression and pain. 283 more words

And The Award For The Strangest Family Goes To...

"Don't Worry" by G-Twenty

Title: Don’t Worry
Artist: G-Twenty
Album: G-Twenty
Year: 2010

(*) oh baby.. Don’t worry
oh baby.. Don’t worry
oh baby.. Don’t worry… 708 more words

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