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Chapter 4: The Whole Nine Yards : Third Trimester

Disclaimer: This post is highly controversial and may even seem strange to read, read at your own risk and please in everything consult your doctor. 1,198 more words

I'm Pregnant

It's the little things...

Flowers.  Changing leaves.  The sound of the crunch of the fallen ones on the sidewalk.  A nice cup of hot coffee.  A smile.  A smile from a stranger.   465 more words

Chapter 3 The Whole 9 Yards: 2nd Trimester

Normally this is considered one of the nicest parts of pregnancy. At least it was for me. It’s when you look slightly pregnant but don’t feel the pinches of pregnancy. 783 more words

I'm Pregnant

"I did what?!"

Firstly, shout out to all the people who were having a great day until they remembered something embarrassing they did when they were twelve.

Now I should state, the purpose of this article if nothing else, is for me to stumble across it in 10 years time (if I haven’t kicked the bucket by then), and gain some sort of reassurance that it is perfectly fine to take a look at your former self and realise that you were, let’s face it, a twat. 263 more words