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Bacon + Donuts ?

Today I ate a bacon donut…and it was pretty awesome.

It initially sounds like an unappetizing pairing, but the salty/sweet combination of the dessert is delightful. 68 more words


Free Breakfast.

I recently read something that said, “recall the last kind gesture you witnessed, and write about why you remember that specific act.” Immediately, my mind drifted to sometime last Fall when the person behind me in the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru payed for my order. 316 more words

Hoenymooners and filled donuts at home....

Easy filled doughnuts and “honeymooners” . Take a roll of biscuits and flatten each biscuit. Drop pie filling on and top with 2nd flattened biscuit and sprinkle some sugar on. 9 more words

Daily Hints And Updates

Happy Easter!

Today people are celebrating Easter all around the world: congregating in churches, coloring and hiding Easter eggs, and enjoying chocolate rabbits or marshmallow chicks. Though Christmas has become a popular holiday here in Japan and you see decorations everywhere as I mentioned in an… 269 more words


Homemade Doughnuts

Why is it that I can resist the call of doughnuts at almost any time EXCEPT when I see a character I like eat it on TV? 304 more words