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Tree Dance

I used to only do the stippling technique for a while. I used a Micron Archival Pen with a .005 tip. It would take hours to do a small picture like this one but it’s a very meditative thing to try. 45 more words


Dry Erase Doodles

Hey fans,

I’m thinkin it’s time for a little life update.

About two weeks ago I became the official Team Operations intern with MNUFC. Super exciting. 592 more words

Bustin' out the markers!

I busted out the markers! Started with the cheech wizard inspired guy and just kept going. Im diggin’ these guys!

The Fresh Collective

Birdy Went A-Courtin'

Apparently my doodle game is high when I’m horribly, horribly sleep-deprived.

Ah well, who needs sleep anyway.

Photo Posts

maybe a bit repetitive ..


I am not sure if I have already posted these…. Might as well but sorry if it is a repeat .  

The first drawing based on the Zoomie commercials. 64 more words